Thursday, March 31, 2016

End of the Month - Goal evaluations and setting April's

I wrote an end of month wrap up a few days ago and nothing has changed. I had hoped that I might get the quilting on the hashtag quilt done but it wasn't to be. I thought about it today but I realised that getting on with some of my blog posts for the A to Z blogging challenge was more important and so that is what I have done. So I end the month having accomplished all of my goals in full apart from that part of one goal ... I got it pinned just not quilted.

So what am I going to get up to for April.

Well my major goal for this month is to complete the Blogging A to Z challenge. For this I have to have a blog post for every day in April, apart from Sundays, and the theme will start with A on the 1st, B on the 2nd, C on the 4th (since the 3rd is a Sunday) etc.

As well as doing our own blog we are asked to visit and comment on at least 5 other blogs each day. So... its quite a time absorber.

April is already an insane month here. I am a bridal attendant on the 9th for a very dear friend. I am going to her place on Monday 4th to help her with last minute preparation and fun stuff so I'll be away from home for a week. 

I will come home for a couple of days and then Fixit Guy and I are heading off till the end of May. We are going to Brisbane to see our 3 kids who live there; Fangirl, Kombi Boy and partner Gamer Girl and our youngest Boyo. We need to buy a car for Boyo as he starts teaching prac end of May and needs a car to get there.  We also need to do some paperwork regarding  our new caravan. 

Then we head to Newcastle for the wedding of a special niece on the 22nd and from there we head to Melbourne to pick up our caravan and to see our oldest son aka The Beast.

We will then spend a few weeks exploring Victoria and catching up with some other special family and friends. We have to be back in Queensland for Synod meetings from May 20th after which we will see the family in Brisbane again before coming home for a bit before heading back down to Yeppoon for a quilting retreat. So... pretty busy times ahead

So ... its crazy  busy time and I am not sure how much time I will get to blog or to sew. I am trying to get my blogs for the A to Z challenge written ahead of time (I'm up to K)

I have a couple of projects bubbling away that I would like to get done whilst travelling... at least the tops done. I am hoping to get them prepped before we leave but not sure that will get done. Both are for people who may stop by and read this blog so I will try not to give too much away. Hand projects will be at a premium with so much car travel. I am blessed to be able to sew in the car.

So my goals for this month are going to be pretty simple to start with. I might add more as I go

  • Complete A to Z blogging challenge as well as keep up my regular WIP Wednesday and Sunday Stash reports. (this is my OMG goal)
  • work on sewing left over hexies together for the backing of the hexie quilt
  • find another hand project as required
  • work on some Handmade With Love projects (to be decided)
I've just discovered a linky party at Red Letter Quilts called OMG - one monthly goal.  So I will link up with that. Kinda nice to have a place to share my goals.

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  1. Oh my gosh! I'm worn out just reading about all you'll be doing in April. Know you'll be having lots of fun.

  2. Oh my gosh! I'm worn out just reading about all you'll be doing in April. Know you'll be having lots of fun.