Thursday, March 17, 2016

March along update

8th - Tuesday. Some hand stitching on hexie quilt including some during panel discussion at morning tea. Made 2 Gruffalo capes for my friend Kylie. Watched some more Missouri Star quilt company videos. Wrote blog post for Marchalong.

9th - Wednesday. I babysat a gorgeous little girl today - the lovely Miss Teesh. She is 2 and entertained herself really well and then had a massive 3.5 hour sleep so lots of hand stitching time

10th - Thursday Babysat Miss Teesh again. She was more demanding today... thought I should play blocks on the floor with her as well as take her for a walk and only a 2.5 hour sleep during which I had a visitor to plan a pre wedding party for a friend... so not as much hand stitching time but still some. Lots more at night though - and I wrote a WIP Wednesday post

11th - Friday - took my hand stitching to bible study but forgot both the pattern (photo on my phone) and the needles... so not much done BUT did do a fair bit in the afternoon. (Go me) Fixit Guy was away for 2 nights so lots of uninterrupted stitching

12th Saturday The morning was spent at a Mud Run. Yes not only did a run (well jogged a bit and lots of walking) but I also waded, swam, crawled and slid through mud and muddy water. I also struggled over various obstacles and NO at this point I have no photos (all our group was in the mud so no one to hold onto phones or cameras and take photos of us although there are some professional ones out there on the net somewhere) After we got home I had another shower (we had one out there too) and then flopped on the couch for 5 hours and stitched and snoozed. Had dinner with a friend and then did more stitching

13th Sunday. Did a bit of handstitching during church but had a very busy day - early to church for singing practice, the service, morning tea and then a run through of songs for a cantata we are going to be putting on. Home for lunch and make scones and then up to Café 126 where I worked making tea and coffee for the residents who came to the café. (at our aged care facility) Home and got to sit and stitch for a while.

14th Monday Hand stitching on the hexie quilt for the afternoon and evening.

15th Tuesday  Handmade with Love - folding and sorting donated fabric followed by stitching on labels onto the items that had been made over the last couple of months... by hand and by machine. Spent the afternoon and evening piecing together a cuddle quilt for a baby due soon. Used various pieces of Very Hungry Caterpillar fabric Pieced the front and back

16th Wednesday Patchwork group. Pinned the VHC quilt and Dash That Cat. That was 3 hours worth of work! In the afternoon I quilted the VHC, made the binding and attached it. I also wrote my WIP Wednesday blog post.

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