Wednesday, March 2, 2016

WIP Wednesday

I've been busy this week.

Whilst we were away I continued to work on the backing of the Diamond Dash quilts. I have made the strips to insert into the backing. Hope to get those sewed up this week.

Mostly I have been working on hand stitching hexies together. I have most of the hexie flowers sewn together (by that I mean the 6 hexies stitched around a centre hexie. Some of them have less than 6 hexies around since I wanted them to look like the flowers are behind the other flowers) I have been sewing the flowers together to make the quilt. I have been working on the centre strip ie the piece without the sky or grass (although a bit of sky appears between the flower)... just haven't done the strip that is mostly sky and cloud and mostly grass. I have the last strip of flowers to go - about 3 flowers wide and 11 flowers high.

Today I got to our patchwork group get together (we meet weekly to sew, have meetings bi monthly) for the first time since January. I was able to get the Hashtag quilt pinned.

The backing was a bit puckered so we had to pin it within an inch of its life in the hope we won't end up with pleats but I'm not holding my breath. My friend Lindy helped me. We have a running joke after she helped me pin one quilt and she put the pins really really close together (I told her I cursed her whilst I was stippling cause I had to stop so much to take out pins) This time I told her she could go her hardest and over pin as much as she wanted... and she did. I did too! 

Pinning this quilt was one of my February goals. I didn't get it done in February but its done now. Woot. I get to cross off one of my March goals already. Woot.

What have you sewn this week?

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  1. You have a nice pattern between the flowers and the blue with your hexagons. My quilt top is totally scrappy with no rhyme or reason. I am saving back the holiday print hexagons as I make them though in hopes of making holiday table toppers with them once I ever get all of the hexagons made.