Wednesday, March 2, 2016

February Goal Check in

Last day of the month so time to check in on my goals.

  • Work on Diamond Dash Quilt 2 - The top is finished and the pieces for the back are cut out so have to put them together now
  • empty scrap basket - hmmm not even looked at doing it.
  • decide on some projects for Handmade with Love and complete I had thought that I would work on something while we were away but didn't
  • Make butterfly zipper pouch not done
  • Work on Diamond Dash quilt 1- top completed and have started the backing
  • Pin and quilt hashtag quilt - not done by end of Feb
  • work on hexie quilt - start stitching it together - made great progress on this. I have stitched heaps of hexie flowers, and then have been stitching them together according to the pattern I worked out. I am going to abandon the pattern for the most part now as I have more flowers than I had allowed for in the pattern. Also some of my blues that I was going to use for the sky are a bit to multi-coloured to work. Its going really well though
  •  Complete POD Harry Potter Quilt - completed and delivered to my daughter Fangirl. She loves it. Its on her bed in Brisbane whilst she is staying with her brothers. She moves into her own home shortly ... not sure if it will remain on the bed or go else where.

  • So that is my goal summary. Not sure how I rate it... not great. Only about 50% done. Still I did accomplish quite a bit and I put some of my failure to complete down to the fact that I got so hooked on my Hexie quilt and made such great progress on it so not too worried.

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