Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Just in case in the future I want to write something on a Thursday... figured I could call it Thursday Thoughts. Sad but true. I can't seem to have a theme for a blog post but it has to rhyme or have some alliteration with the day of the week its about. Every other blog poster seems to be the same so I don't feel too badly about it. 

The main reason I wanted to put something up today (besides avoiding anything more constructive I could be doing) was I wanted to update my Tuesday musings and I wasn't sure I would remember it if I kept it till next Tuesday. I could have just gone back in and edited the Tuesday post but then if you had already read it you wouldn't necessarily go back in and read it again anyway. So... a new post... and since it was a new day (and not connected in with any other bloggers topics or activities) ... it had to have a new name.

OK... on Tuesday I outlined my planned projects for the month of April. One of the things on my list was to find the pattern from my Tea Shop Quilt. I bought it in the UK in September. I went looking on line and found the pattern... well I think it is the pattern. Fangirl told me the name of the shop we had gone to which was Puddleducks in Sevenoaks. They have an online presence and I found the pattern... only its a pattern for a tea cosy. I dont' recall that at all but maybe I bought it knowing it was a tea cosy but planning to change it to a quilt. I am not sure. But its the same picture. Its by Gail Penberthy and I think it is beautiful

I found many other patterns by Gail and she does some gorgeous ones. I found most of them at Daisy Chain Designs. (when you search patterns go to page 9 as this is where they start)


These are two of my favourites that I would love to stitch. The one on the left is Tea and Friends and the one on the right is Tea and Company. Are you sensing a theme here?

Another update on my Goals for April. I forgot about the curtains for the spare room tha I want to stitch and Fangirl has asked me to make coverings for the couches that will be used in the forthcoming play that she is directing and producing (and I am prompting for) They have to be covered in black fabric. They don't have to be done in a proper upholstering fashion... just covered in black fabric.

So my April Goals are (in no particular order)

1. Finish Sombrero Stars (quilt 3 of SOMB quilts... Shirt Off My Back)
2. Finish Not so Sombre Stars
3. Make an Easter Wall Hanging
4. Empty Scrap basket - cut into useful units and put away
5. Look for and hopefully find Tea Shop Applique Quilt pattern 
6. Cover theatre couches in black fabric
7. Make Curtains for Spare Room.

Annie Update
I had Annie at the vet again on Tuesday and they withdrew fluid from her lung which the vet then viewed through a microscope. he discussed his findings with a pathologist. I talked to him yesterday. Basically they didn't find tumour cells which would have been a definitive diagnosis but in the absence of other things that would have indicated an alternative the vet thinks that in all likelihood that is what it is. There is nothing to be done unless we wanted to go in for drastic thoracic surgery (which we don't). She is much brighter than she was so is obviously feeling a lot better for having the pressure relieved. She is more active, is eating better (not great but better) so we are enjoying her company and spoiling her as much as we can. The fluid will build up again and we will decide what to do when that happens. Thanks for all the loving comments

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