Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tuesday Musing

Not sure what I will do on a Tuesday for my blog. I might not end up doing something every Tuesday but when I do... it'll be my Tuesday Museday!!

First Day of April. Time to set some goals for April. Trying not to set them too high so that I won't fall flat splat kerplop on my face. My goals for this month

Finish Sombrero Stars (quilt 3 of SOMB quilts... Shirt Off My Back)
Finish Not so Sombre Stars
Make an Easter Wall Hanging
Empty Scrap basket - cut into useful units and put away
Look for and hopefully find Tea Shop Applique Quilt pattern (I bought it in England in September but managed to lose it)
This is SOMBrero Stars. Finished putting the top together tonight. Now to make a back and quilt it!! You can see my shadow as I stood on a stool to take the photo

Not So SOMBre Stars. All the pieces are cut up and in their box.. Apart from the 5" 9 patches (which were part of the 350 or so I made from the shirt fabrics from the swap) no stitching has been done. But cutting all the pieces was a mamoth effort so it is well on the way

The fabrics and buttons purchased for my tea shop quilt. Finding the pattern is going to be a challenge. After I got back from the UK my husband and I went on a camping holiday in Southern and then Northern inland NSW. I bought fabric for it at several shops. I had the pattern then. Since we got home and I unpacked all my stuff... I haven't seen it. Oh dear.

Annie Dog

I took Annie to the vet today and they removed a heap of fluid from her lung by syringe. The vet is going to check some of the fluid under the microscope and will be able to tell if the fluid is from tumour or something else apparently. She came home after a couple of hours and is happy enough. She refused to come for a walk today (or a stroll... she rides in the stroller) She did come this morning and even walked for some of it. She seems a lot brighter in the mornings. If there are tumours then it will be just care and attention till we think her quality of life is too diminished. If it is treatable then we will treat her. The vet said to give her the diuretic tablets but she is becoming very wily and it was a battle to get them into her tonight... she puts her tongue up in the way to stop the tablet going down but we won in the end.

Annie on our morning walk. She is quite comfortable in the pram and seems to enjoy the outings

Annie and I

Our other dog Jack who is always looking for any extra attention that is going


  1. What lovely dogs! So sweet. I'm sure you'll meet your goals. You seem well organized and motivated. 8-)

  2. Sweet dogs! Prayers for Annie. Looks like you are making great progress.

  3. Thanks for sharing, I am glad to see Annie is feeling well enough for a walk. Good luck with your projects, they all look fun.