Wednesday, April 9, 2014

WIP Wednesday

I had less time than usual to work on projects this week. Thursday I had the service at the aged care home and then I did my 2 RE lessons. I usually do these Friday but Friday morning I flew to Brisbane and didn't return home till Sunday night. I have done some work though.

Sombrero Stars
I made the backing for the quilt using the brown fabric from an old mattress cover and a linen table cloth centre. I cut the edges off the tablecloth as it had a pale green pattern in them which just didn't go with the front. I know you don't see the front and back at the same time but... it just didn't seem right. However I had to add some extra fabric to both the width and the length as the brown and cream just weren't enough. I had some pieces from what I had used for the sashing on the front of the quilt and added two strips to the width and one across the middle for the length and it ended up looking quite affective. I had hoped to get up to the quilting rooms during the week to pin it out but ran out of inclination so got it done after the meeting. Now to find the time to get it quilted - hopefully by Sunday night so I get to count it in my weekly stash report. I'm getting tired of not having any finishes.

Disappearing into the Blue
I had hoped to get some work done on this today at the club rooms but got involved with another project that our group needs to get done. I did get the remaining two sides of the white sashing sewn on. There is always next week to work on it! I am up to the pinwheel borders next

Last year I made a banner for our church which featured a vine going the length of the banner. During Lent we put "grubs" on the vine and then on Easter Sunday morning we changed out the grubs for butterflies. 

The vine banner.
This year I thought that I would try to make some chrysalis  to add to the banner. I used some hessian from old stretchers. I used the part that had already been sewn to go through the sides of the stretches and just hemmed one end, stuffed them and then tied off the tops.\Not sure that they are working. They look like hessian bags. Maybe if I sew the bottoms so as to round off the corners it might look better. They can't look worse ! Not my most successful crafting effort

Sunflower banner
Each year our town holds its local "Sunflower Festival" over Easter. We are twinned with a city in Canada that also has a sunflower festival but at a different time of the year. The prize for the local winner of the Sunflower Princess competition is a trip to Canada for their festival and likewise their princess gets to come visit us for ours. Our patchwork group has been asked to make a wall hanging to give to the visiting princess. Due to some delays and stuff ups we only just started to make it today so we are working against the clock to get the wall hanging made by next Wednesday night. Another lady and I worked after our meeting to get the fabric cut for the project. Another lady did a little bit of sewing for us. We will meet again tomorrow to sew some more of it. We have someone who has volunteered to quilt it and then it will be getting the binding, the hanging sleeve and the label made. It involves some hand applique and I have bought that bit home to try to get done tonight. I am going to be busy!

The stem and leaves of the banner... my evenings entertainment

stitching stitching stitching
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  1. Those are some amazingly crisp points on those starts and wow, hand stitching the applique is quilt ambitions.

  2. Pops of cobalt are just wonderful in your quilt! Hand-stitching can be so relaxing and before you know it, it's done! What a neat banner for your church!