Friday, February 6, 2015

Fitness Friday

Last week I decided to continue my Go to Bed at a decent time challenge I had set myself the week before.

I did less well this week but still feel I am making the effort to go to bed at a decent hour. My later nights have been because I was busy with a project (updating my blog one night sewing another) not because I couldn't be bothered to go to bed. I need to try to continue this good habit. I have had a few snacky days but on the whole have been better at NOT eating the wrong stuff because I have been tired or bored or just because it was there.

My step count has been much better this week too. I have regained my place in my top 10 friends list on Fitbit and haven't slipped out of it at all. I even got to third briefly... very briefly. Only had one day that I didn't make my goal of 10 000 steps. I find it difficult to get my steps on the weekend, particularly Sunday. We don't walk in the mornings and often not in the evenings either. The mornings are taken up with church so not a lot of steps then. I was pleased that we got our steps on Saturday as we were in meetings from 10AM till 9PM. We did get a morning walk in and then there was some jogging on the spot. Anyway - this is my weeks worth of totals.

Friday                  14 084
Saturday              11 573
Sunday                  6 026
Monday               14 862
Tuesday               10 811
Wednesday          11 209
Thursday             15 201

Weightwise... 91.9kgs so not putting any on but not shifting any either. Sigh

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