Monday, February 23, 2015

Stash Report - a major finish

I have had some serious movement in my statistics for this week because I finally finished Vanishing Hours! I got it back from the long armer a week or two ago and all I had to do was bind it but I couldn't decide what to bind it with. Mind you I didn't audition anything with it... just kept pushing it aside mentally as for some reason I just didn't want to tackle it. Eventually I decided that the green check binding I had made for another project (and then forgotten and used something else) would indeed be perfect. I even had a scrap just the right size to make the extra I needed. I blogged about the process last Wednesday - including the fact that when I picked it up to work on I found that one of the 3 cats I had staying here had peed on it. NOT nice. I went ahead and bound it before I washed it. Its come up beautifully. It was put on our bed for the photo but I'm waiting to wash the sheets and change the pillow slips before it goes on there to stay for a while.
It was 211cm x 242cm and used 11.61m of fabric. Whoot. What a finish.

I've also made a bag - a messenger bag from this pattern on Diary of a Quilter. Must say mine didn't take me 32 minutes.. took a fair bit longer but it was pretty straight forward. Its a very soft bag as it has no stiffening at all in it but I am happy with how it turned out. The fabric I used came for Malaysia, from a visit I made there in 2007. Since Fangirl, Fixit Guy and I are going back there for a visit in April I decided I had better  use some of the fabric I bought then as no doubt I will buy some more. The fabrics I bought are mostly sarong lengths so they have designs that vary along the length - border prints worked into parts of it etc. I thought that I would donate this one to Our Rainbow House. Hope to get in an make a few more this weekend. It used 2 half yard pieces for the liner and outside including strap and pockets (I put two on the inside and one on the outside). I cut both from the same length of fabric, just cutting from the different patterns
Total for the bag .95m

Yesterday I made 4 hanging kitchen towels using this free tutorial from Fat Quarter Shop 

That used .56m of fabric for the 4 of them. They still have to have buttons and button holes done but I am not doing those. Someone else from our craft group will complete them

That was my fabric usage for the week. I had no purchases

This Week

Fabric Used                               13.12m

Fabric Added                              0.00m

Year to Date

Fabric Used                               29.26m

Fabric Added                             10.35m

Net Fabric used                         18.92m

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