Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday Stash Report - Some Unexpected Finishes

The finishes I have had this week were all unexpected and largely unplanned and the one project I had thought I would finish lies waiting to be completed.

On Wednesday at Patchwork I finished off a baby quilt for the Angel Baby - Quilts of Love project that our group is supporting. I am not sure why I was surprised that I got it finished since it was only tiny but... I was. I forgot to put the border on it which might have  helped finish it more quickly and it meant it was undersized but not to worry. It was 46cm square (18") . Fabric used .58m

Our cat litter tray is down stairs. I have a plastic bag with plastic bags in it hanging on a door knob nearby to put the daily deposits in when I clean it out. I decided to make something more decorative and on Wednesday afternoon I whipped up a bag to hold the bags. I used cat fabric and the bag is for the cat's bags so I have called it my Cat Cat Bag!! It too is only small (sized dictated by the fabric to hand) 40cm x 46 (16" x 18") Fabric used .17m

Thursday I decided to make Fangirl some placemats for her birthday... which was Friday. She loves Doctor Who and much of decor has that blue theme. So I decided to make some placemats in various blues. I made them all quilt as you go. 3 of them are angled strips going the width of the fabric and 3 are crazy patched starting with a 5 sided shape and building out with strips to the edge. I got the 6 made on thursday night (hence one of my late nights as reported in this week's Friday Fitness blog) Friday morning I worked on getting them bound. I did it all by machine and its not as neat as it might be but I doubt she will mind. Each mat was 30x40cm and the 6 of them used up 2.13m of fabric.

I was going to be able to say I have no fabric in this week but today at church a friend gave me some scraps however I left them behind accidentally so can't measure them so will add them next week. I got some more fabric from another person but that is to go into a project she has given me to complete so won't count that at all.

So my statistics for the week

This Week
Fabric Used                               2.89m
Fabric Added                             0.00m

Year to Date
Fabric Used                               15.90m
Fabric Added                             10.35m

Net Fabric used                           5.55m

So how has your fabric usage gone this week?

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  1. Mine has gone complete in the opposite direction! I think I'm negative 15+ yards. lolol...You've done well!