Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday Musing - Scrap in a Box - 2015 Scrapitude Challenge

Yesterday I decided to jump in and join the Scrapitude 2015 mystery quilt - Scrap In a Box. I am a month late starting but I have now cut all my pieces so can jump in and do 2 months this month. I might even get step one finished before the second clue is released... have 2 days (by USA time). I worked on cutting the pieces last night and this morning. I had a huge sleep yesterday afternoon so was wide awake till 1AM (and then lay awake in bed for an hour after I went there) Strangely enough we didn't walk this morning (Fixit Guy has come down with a stomach bug as well so he is out for the count)

The cutting instructions are on Sandy's blog Quilting for the Rest of us here and the clues will be on Charlotte's blog, Scrapitude Quilts. January's clue is here. Charlotte actually does this mystery quilt for her guild hence the clues are released monthly. That just might suit me!

Today, with Fixit Guy out of action (so we didn't do the house work together as we usually do) I got to spend the day sewing. I cut this morning and this afternoon sewing. I got Step 1 completed... in time for Step 2 to be released tomorrow (well Wednesday our time in Australia)

Units All done!

This year seems to be the year of challenges for me. I'm doing the POD challenge and there is another I have signed up for (can't recall what... hasn't started yet) and now this one. Its all good though. Enjoying it hugely.

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  1. I love the fabrics in your units! I can't wait for step 2 also!

    I seem to be doing more challenges this year also! Hmmm! I've also joined Sandi's mug rug/potholder swap. A first for me. My only other swap was a 1 1/12" square swap last year.