Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Fitness

I've been up and down this week diet wise... good days where I haven't eaten too much empty food (ie high calorie, low nutrition) but others where I did over indulge in various goodies. Still the weight has started to come down a little.... 1 kg so its a start (17.2 to go)

Walking has continued apace and I have managed 2 walks a day most days. Missed out on Sunday but managed it even on Saturday which is unusual for us. We have walked most days with our friend Maree, sometimes accompanied by her dog and sometimes Chloe has stayed home. Chloe is a big dog and not well trained to the lead and so she pulls constantly and Maree's arm and shoulder get very sore. Jack is hilarious when we walk with Chloe, especially when Chloe is allowed off the lead to run when we are down by the river. Usually he is off exploring everywhere, especially if we have Digby with us. But when Chloe is charging about Jack stays really close to us and he monitors where she is all the time. He is such a tiny dog that she would knock him flying so easily. He stays close cause he knows Chloe can see us and so not run into us... but he's another story.

Even when Fixit Guy hasn't been able to walk in the evening because of his commitments I have still taken Jack out.. usually with Digby to take Dig home. I've made my 10 000 steps every day without having to do any on the spot jogging, apart from Sunday when it was only a couple of hundred I've had to do. It does feel good.

I've been making my way up the Fitbit stats too... it was only a couple of weeks ago I was excited to make it into the teens of my Fitbit friends and then I made it into the top 10 albeit the bottom half of them. This week I have made it into the top 5 consistently.... and even got to 3rd and 2nd one day... for a little while.
See I have proof!! It happened twice!!
Yeah, I know it was cause Sam's Fitbit was playing up and didn't record her steps properly but for 12 hours I was coming 2nd to the amazing Terje. Between Sam and Terje who average high teens daily for the steps I will never get back to number 1 but still... its great to have 80 000 to 90 000 steps for the week. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be back to 4th soon. Another friend Jody is usually way ahead of me too but her jogging partner is away this week so her steps are a bit down. Still ...

Mind you today is going to be a low day. Maree was away today so we didn't have to get up to walk at 6 and ended up sleeping in late and then it was 9 and we both had things to do so... no morning walk. Oops. Hopefully we will get an evening walk. Must make my 10 000! I'll jog till midnight if I have to. He he he

I have been wondering about trying to jog again and maybe restarting C25K again... but then I wonder if my hips and knees really need to thumping. I might give it a go... but then Fixit Guy and I go together for our walks and it is great to have some us time. I also thought about getting a tread machine but again... going out walking is great so maybe not.

Steps for this week
               Friday:            15 398
               Saturday:        13 880
               Sunday:          10 036
               Monday:         12 148  
               Tuesday:         13 873
               Wednesday:    12 036
               Thursday:        14 886
TOTAL for the Week    92 257


  1. Congratulations on all your hard work! It's inspiring.

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