Wednesday, September 30, 2015

WIP Wednesday the boring post

I haven't done much work this week at all. My son from Melbourne and his girl friend came for 4 days. We had a great time, chatting, eating, sight seeing... anything but sewing!!

In between times I was madly working on my high schools 40th anniversary School reunion. I have taken on the task of trying to locate my former classmates. We are including everyone who was in our class from first form through to 6th form. Our first form class was split in 2nd form to make a 2nd high school in our town and so we are doing a joint reunion. So far I have just over 300 names on our list and we have managed to get leads on half of them.

Its been fun - bit like a puzzle and mystery rolled into one... or a great knotty puzzle that I am slowly unpicking.

Today at Patchwork I finished off the last of the wonky hashtag blocks that we are making for our Twilters exchange. I've made 30 and they are now ready to send off for our block exchange.

I'm doing some sorting of scrap fabrics for Handmade Love... I bought a box of scraps home with me. I 've pressed them and now doing a bit of trimming up of the scraps. I've been cutting up some 2.5" blocks to make into more little bibs but in the end... that has been it.

I keep wanting to get on with the Harry potter blocks. Printer troubles have slowed me down but hopefully I will get the dobby blocks printed off and I can get on with it.

So not much to report and no pretty pictures  of my sewing

Boring Boring Boring

so here... have a photo of Beast and his Beauty

And here is one of my first form class. 35 of us in the 1A class. I'm seated in the front row, first on the right.

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  1. Wow hunting down your classmates is a huge task. Good luck in your search!