Monday, September 28, 2015

Stash Report

This week I have made

3 baby bibs. They were very small and 2 were made at Handmade Love and used their stash so can't count that. One I made at home. I stuffed it up and it looks pretty ugly... won't matter for mopping up stuff and hanging around the neck of a bub to get muck all over... but not sure anyone would buy it. I cut the neck wrong and used to wide a binding. Sigh. They were only 21.5cms square so not much usage there.

Peace and Harmony wall hanging. This was made using a panel. There is very little I can count for this finish in the way of stash usage. The panel I acquired this week and its going straight out, the backing was donated for this project so not part of my stash (it was from a bed flounce... the rest is going to Handmade Love). I didn't do an in out calculation cause I forgot to measure it. Oops I did contribute the binding so that is a little count. Again no photos cause I forgot

And that was it for the week as far as finishes.

And no photos

So this weeks stats

Week 38

          Fabric Used                      0.47    
          Fabric Added                    0.00

Year To Date
         Fabric Used                    135.19
         Fabric Added                    52.81

Net Used/Added                       82.38

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