Sunday, September 27, 2015

Friday Fitness

Despite being very active this week and making my step quota every day this week I have fallen down my list of friends... but that is because 2 of my fitbit friends are having a sisterly competition and doing crazy steps... so everyone who is ahead of me (as of Thursday evening which is when I take my step numbers from) is over 100 000 steps for the week... that is madness and out of my league. Given that I was missing in action for so many months I need to not look at them (except to say well done you) and concentrate on making my steps.

I keep thinking I will get serious and start to record my food intake but... haven't done it yet.

I have achieved a slight weight loss this week... actually dipped under 96kgs so that is good...I was back just over it again the next day but I'll take the win when I can get it.

This week though is going to be challenging. Our son and his girlfriend are visiting from Melbourne. We had desert tonight. We are having a bbq tea with friends tomorrow night and I've made 2 cheesecakes for that. We've bought various chips and nibbles to have with drinks. ... just inevitably when we have visitors we tend to eat more stuff... yummy stuff at that.

Tonight's Tea was super easy and everyone loved it... I got the recipe from Saving Dinner cookbook (Leanne Ely - Flylady recommended her years ago and I got the book) It was Garlic Caramel chicken. Fry garlic in oil, add brown sugar (it was about equal quantites of garlic and and sugar). Place chicken thighs in a shallow oven tray lined with foil and pour over the caramelized garlic. Bake 15 mins at 180. I turned the oven down and cooked it more slowly along with roast vegies which I'd started earlier. I put some oil in a plastic bag and sprinkled in garlic powder and cinnamon then added peeled halved potatoes and sweet potatos and shook them up so the potatoes were coated.

Steps for this week
Friday                       11 284                  
Saturday                   12 307
Sunday                     10 201
Monday                    14 574
Tuesday                    14 402          
Wednesday               13 170
Thursday                   11 919
TOTAL for week      87 857

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