Monday, September 7, 2015

Sunday Stash report

I thought that this was going to be another nil all draw. In fact I had started writing this a day early as I didn't think that I was going to get anything finished but then I decided if I put my mind to it I would be able to get Going Green quilted. Its been touch and go... in fact it is now early Monday morning and by rights I should put this finish in next weeks report but since I hadn't posted it... I am putting it in... and its still Sunday in most of the world 

So - I have a finish. Going Green is DONE Yay. I stippled it all over. Recently on a podcast I was listening to the "host" of the podcast referred to stippling as "Phoning it in". I was a bit offended by this remark but then I reasoned she was talking about herself and not judging other people. And I thought about it and realised that whilst I admire the heavily quilted designs that many quilters put on their quilts and the emphasis on the quilting that many modern quilters put on their quilts - its not for me. I don't like it on quilts that I make and I love stippling. I love the walzing of the fabric under the needle and I don't like doing the heavy lines of quilting that many quilters put on their work and I don't enjoy doing it. I find it boring. Since I got my super slider and my Machingers gloves I love it even more.

The first time I used the super slider and the gloves I was really enjoying the process but my machine was playing up and I got some awful tangles and ugliness on the back of the quilt. This time though everything worked beautifully 

So I have a finish to record. I haven't got photos as its late and I'm tired and I need to get this done so I can go to bed.

Going Green - it was a free pattern on Little Miss Shabby's website that I found it through Bonnie Hunter's facebook group. The finished size of the quilt was 200cm x 170cm for a total usage of 7.83m. I had no person in mind when I made the quilt but during its construction a friend of mine has had a gall bladder operation that had a series of complications resulting her being seriously ill. Her favourite colour is green and so I knew that the quilt should go to her. I am really pleased that I have finally got it completed and can now send it off to her (well I do have to label it)

And I have had no purchases this week at all. Go me.

Week 35

         Fabric Used                     7.83
            Fabric Added                   0

Year To Date
         Fabric Used                    122.19
         Fabric Added                    42.40

Net Used/Added                       79.80m

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  1. I usually don't do my own quilting, but I work closely with a longarmer who does a fantastic job. I like quilting that is an added design layer to the quilt. If the quilting does not fit with the piecing, it is usually not for me. Mostly I like very dense quilting that makes my quilts stiff, but recently I have asked her to not make the quilting so dense so the quilts were more 'drapey'. I have a few quilts where all over designs were appropriate, but mostly I have her quilt so that the blocks are not overshadowed. All of this is to say that these are personal design decisions and we all have different and valid design sensibilities. If you like meandering, then you should meander your quilts!

  2. I enjoy stippling as well. When the stars line up and the machine cooperates, I find it very relaxing.

  3. I don't like heavy quilting either, the quilts are too stiff to be cuddly. Congrats on a great year of stash busting.