Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tuesday Museday - mid month review

Its half way through the month already and time for a goal review. I don't seem to have made much progress but I know I have ... really

1) POD quilt. Make the last "weekly" block (no 30) Remake block 11 and work on some other extras to go around the bookshelf. 
I haven't worked on these at all. Hopefully they are next up on my working list

2) "Going Green" Finish this quilt - its pinned. Needs quilting and binding.

This is finished. That was a big job

3) "Pink Pizzazz" Quilt and bind this club quilt

This is completed. Yay.

4) Hexagon Quilt Continue to work on hexagon quilt - make 100 hexies

So far I have made 70. I have a church meeting tonight and that should mean I get a few more done

5) Mend 2006 hexagon year quilt

Its still on the couch waiting for me to mend it

6) UFO Finish or at least work on one UFO from sidebar list

Nope... not done a thing

7) Work on Christmas Project

Nope not done a thing

8) Make extra Raggy Hearts.

Made the extra ones

The reason I haven't made as much progress as I would have liked to is that I have made a whole other quilt. I added this to my side bar of goals after I made my initial goals. I made the raggy hearts from our club swap into a quilt which I have posted off to my friend.

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