Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sunday Stash Report - kats and Kaftans

I've only had one finish this week but as I had to buy the fabric for it its almost the equivalent of a nil all draw.

At Handmade Love on Tuesday (that's a sewing group I am part of that makes things to sell to raise money for Our Rainbow House, a school in Zambia) a visitor to town who is also part of the Our Rainbow House Community, taught us how to make kaftans. I had forgotten about it till that morning so had to dash to the shop as soon as it was open to get fabric to use. I chose a lovely soft batik that had a gorgeous pattern and was soft enough to drape well.

It was really easy and straight forward to make. Basically I measured my length, folded the fabric in half and cut it off to that length plus 5 cm for the hem, cut a neck line, faced it, hemmed it, sewed the side seams and boom it was done. Well that is how it was supposed to go. I had trouble with the neckline initially but we got there. (Peggy, our co-ordinator for HML, is a very experienced sewer and she was able to fix my issues) I didn't even have to hem my sides as the batik's selvage was so beautifully finished.

If I make another one (who am I kidding... when I make another one) I think that instead of just folding my fabric in half I will do shoulder seams. It might help to stop it slipping about so much. It's not bad but just slipped back a bit.

The 3.6m of fabric bought and used in this project was my only purchase for the week although I do confess that I have ordered a fat quarter bundle on Massdrop. I'm collecting cat fabrics so this is just perfect. But it hasn't arrived yet so I don't have to count it this week. Whew.

Speaking of cats, we've been catsitting our daughter Fangirl's 2 felines this week. They are gorgeous and playful and far more attention seeking than our old boy cat

Fangirl is out of town this weekend to attend the Brisbane Comic Convention. She has had a stall there for the first time selling her Geeky cross stitch patterns, kits and some made items. Her youngest brother has gone with her to help her with the stall. Not sure how much he knows about cross stitch but by the end of the weekend I'm sure he'll know a lot more. He's been company and has meant she can go for bathroom breaks if nothing else. Actually apparently yesterday he was able to go off and go to the forums etc and look at the other stalls and displays and today it was her turn.

So this weeks stats

Week 37

         Fabric Used                       3.4    
          Fabric Added                     3.4

Year To Date
         Fabric Used                    134.72
         Fabric Added                    52.81

Net Used/Added                       81.92

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