Sunday, November 29, 2015

Fitness Friday

I wrote this on Friday but didn't get it posted. Now its Sunday but I will put it up anyway

I've had an up and down week this week as far as exercise goes. My friend still wasn't able to come walking due to assignment pressures and without her to make us get up and go early we haven't been as regular- once we sleep in then if we have a busy day coming up we don't have time not to mention it gets very hot here at the moment. So haven't got two walks in very often and some days haven't even gotten one in! But on other days I've gotten 2 walks in and so have gone over my goal of 10 000 steps

And as to my diet - well ... bit up and down too but on the whole I have made good choices.... well apart from Weds and Thursday this week. A friend bought some biscuits to Patchwork on Wednesday. They were chocolate shortbread with chocolate fillling. She bought them from Woolworths and man were they GOOD. She left them behind so I took them home... so I had 2 there and then 2 more at home. 

Last week I shared with you my sugar coated peanuts recipe. Fixit Guy loves them. I wanted to make the variety where the coating isn't chrystalised - more like toffee. I looked on the internet and whilst I found pictures of what I wanted when I looked at the recipe I had a feeling that they weren't going to work. If you stir the toffee/syrup mixture that is when you get crystals forming and all these recipes talked about lots of stirring. So I'm still looking. I did find that the American version of the sugar coated peanuts involved first boiling the mixture and then tipping the peanuts onto a tray and baking them. I gave it a go and I really really liked them... so much so we ate the lot ourselves in one afternoon.  I checked out a few more recipes and some suggested adding cinnamon or mixed spice and others chilli, salt, garlic and such for a savoury kick. They all sounded good.

The American version I tried had 1/2 the sugar of my version. I use equal quantities of sugar water and peanuts where as this recipe had 2 cups peanuts, 1 cup sugar and 1/2 cup water. It had no food colouring either which Fixit Guy thought made them look weird and Fangirl agreed, although she said if we put the other flavourings with them then no colouring was fine. (Ed I made another batch on Saturday and added nutmeg and cinnamon. They were sooo yummy too. Despite making a double batch I had very few left to bottle... )

So peanuts and shortbread - not good for the diet but still. I am not trying to lose weight fast and don't want to deny myself little treats entirely... just keep them under control- and if I can keep my exercise up over the silly season where temptation abounds then hopefully I 

I have managed to chip away a bit more. Friday morning I was 94.9kgs. That's a drop of .6kg over the week and I'm really thrilled with that

This weeks Steps
Friday              9 115
Saturday          6 070
Sunday            3 987
Monday          7 790
Tuesday        12 336
Wednesday     8 578

Thursday      12 061

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