Sunday, November 15, 2015

Goal Review - mid month

Its the middle of the month and time to look back again on my goals and see how things are progressing. I really like to do this as I feel it keeps me on track.
  • Make some pot mitts, hanging towels etc as gifts I've made some progress on the wall hangings
  • prepare for Bonnie Hunter Mystery I've ordered the two rulers she recommends for this quilt. I hope I use them a lot. They haven't arrived yet. I was going to ask my kids for them for Christmas but got impatient
  • start Droid quilt no progress on this at all
  • Put Amy Gibson blocks together No progress on this at all
  • make Nimbus POD block Its done. I finished it Friday night and I am thrilled by how it turned out.
  • Make Dobby POD Block This was done but then I realised I had a problem with one piece and so I unpicked it and another piece and then lost them so now I have to redo them. I can't believe I lost them! AND THEN I realised I HAD done it according to the pattern. I think it looks a bit weird so Fixit Guy suggested I redesign that piece. I balked at the idea but he is confident of my ability and said... just redraw the lines where you want them... now that does make it seem simpler. (I love his belief in my abilities)
  • remove Paper from POD rows DONE In fact the bookshelf itself is all sewn together. 
  • Make Percy's Fiez block DONE
  • make Flying Keys POD block DONE
  • make Cornish Pixie POD block DONE - She's called Effie cause my language with her wasn't good. I had lots of unpicking and such. She's very cute though
  • Make POD photo frame block DONE - Actually 2 are done and they look pretty good. I had to redesign the block as my photos were a different size. This was a first for me and I was pleased with the end result. My first paper pieced block design 
  • Make 100 hexagons - DONE I have met my goal. I actually have 137 completed now. I had 67 done before the all day meetings (well 9-2) yesterday. I thought that I might get more made and actually had over 100 prepped hexies with me but when you consider that 5 hour period included breaks for lunch and morning tea, that I was giving one of the talks and that there was also 3 brackets of singing. Really I could only stitch whilst other people were talking so 45 was a reasonable number to get through.  I made another 24 in church this morning so under 300 full hexies to go plus the fillers... and then I have to sew them all together.
Yesterday's hexies!

I'm adding a new goal. I've been asked to put together the blocks made by a group I am involved with, to make a quilt to go to the daughter of a former member of our group who died in June from cancer. We aren't a quilting group but the women in our group sewed these 6.5" heart blocks for our friends children. She had 3 children and we are making a quilt for each of them. There are a few in the group that are quilters and we have taken on the task of putting the blocks together and quilting them. I received the blocks trimmed to size ready to be sewn. The parcel included the fabric for the sashing, cornerstones, binding and backing. Ideally they would like it done by the end of November. 
  • Complete Ella's quilt I've made great progress on this already. The top is together - now to cut the backing fabric, pin baste and quilt it!

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