Monday, November 23, 2015

Monday Musings Monthly goals update

I've got one week remaining to make an impression on my monthly goals. Some of them are not looking good. But lets start with the positives

  • make Nimbus POD block 
  • Make Dobby POD Block 
  • remove Paper from POD rows
  • Make Percy's Fez block
  • make Flying Keys POD block 
  • make Cornish Pixie POD block 
  • Make POD photo frame block 
  • Make 100 hexagons - 

I have completed all the blocks I had listed as goals for my POD quilt and even made a couple extra. And I've made 200 hexies so have over achieved there already.

Make some Christmas gifts 
I've made 6 wall hangings for Christmas gifts so that is another goal completed. For photos go here

Complete Ella's Quilt 
I'm making progress on Ella's quilt. Its pin basted so next up is the quilting. I am supposed to get it done by the end of November so that means I have to work on it this week. I think I will need to buy some thread as not sure what I have will work. I think I will shadow stitch it ie not in the ditch but 1/4 inch in from the seams of the sashing. I will leave the heart squares alone. I love stippling but think I will keep this a bit more simple. 

prepare for Bonnie Hunter Mystery
I've done no preparation at all for the Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt. I am not sure I am going to do it. I really don't want to go and invest in a heap more fabric. I would rather work from my stash but don't think I will have enough of the required colours.

start Droid quilt
Put Amy Gibson blocks together
I haven't made any headway in the Droid quilt nor have I looked at the Amy Gibson quilt blocks.

My main aim for the rest of this month is to get Ella's quilt done. If I get that done I will reassess what my next priority will be. I do want to make a couple of hanging towels as gifts as well. I don't have a purpose in mind for the Amy Gibson quilt and that is a bit of a deterrent to finishing it. I am waiting on some fabric for my POD quilt and if that comes in then I am pretty sure that is going to be a priority for finishing. I was going to make Moody's Eye to go under the bookshelf but Fangirl isn't too keen so might give it a miss

And I have an idea for another quilt I do want to make and it does have a recipient in line for it so I think it is going to take over as my next major project. Bonnie Hunter is probably going to bite the dust. I am still keen on Droid quilt so.... we will see

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