Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sunday Stash Report

Very pleased to report that I have had 2 finishes this week. Again they are only small but it is good to be getting stuff done.

At our Handmade With Love stall at the craft fair last weekend I was asked about rectangular casserole carriers by a number of customers and 3 of them were keen to place an order for us to make  them to order for them. Of those 3 2 have followed up with specific orders and I got them made during the week. The first one took me hours to make and I reckoned that with the wages I can earn as a supply teacher it was worth $360 in time alone!! 

I asked on the Twilter page on Facebook for pattern recommendations as when I had googled it there were lots of patterns (many for sale) but was keen to chase up recommended ones. This is the pattern I ended up going with for the first one and it worked out pretty well. I made the handles differently as I wanted them to go right under the carrier. It was recommended by a couple of people.

For the second one I used the same dimensions as for the first one but instead of making the fabric handles (which were an absolute pain to turn out the right way) I made the doweling handles. Its all finished and I showed the lady who wanted it (in black and white) and she loves it but does want the velcro added to the first flap over pieces so still have to stitch that on.

I did have a bit of a giggle. She wanted it in black and white to match her kitchen.... but you use the casserole cover to carry your dish to someone else's place, not serve it in your own kitchen. I guess if you are having a party at your place you might use it to keep a dish warm.....

The pattern called for the special insulated batting but I didn't have enough and local shops didn't sell it. The shop assistant says that most people just use the natural fibre batting ie cotton or wool. I have plenty of that so used it and it looks fine.

No fabric in this week

Stats for week 48
                 Fabric used         3.19m
                 Fabric added       0.00

Year to Date
                 Fabric used      145.52m
                 Fabric added      76.70
Net Used                             68.82

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