Monday, November 9, 2015

Monday Musing - Goal Review

I saw a meme on facebook once which of course I now can't find but it went something along the lines of my house is never so tidy as when I am avoiding something else. It was certainly true of both Fangirl and Boyo when they were or are supposed to be studying for their university exam they have very tidy bedrooms.

Well I am supposed to be writing a talk to give on Saturday at an Emmaus Forth Day event. If you don't know what Emmaus is look it up here. Our theme is Being Refreshed. I am one of 3 speakers. I have ideas. I have stories. I have bible verses but am still working on getting it into a cohesive talk of sufficient length that is understandable.

Soooo.... in avoiding that today I thought I would do an update on my goals for this month.

  • Make some pot mitts, hanging towels etc as gifts

I haven't looked at making any pot mitts etc as gifts but have worked on the wall hangings. I hope to be able to give some of them to family and friends this Christmas. I have 4 sets of squares together. Have to work on the borders and then sandwiching them. Have a few not put together yet

  • prepare for Bonnie Hunter Mystery
Haven't looked at the Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt yet. Must order the rulers - think I will suggest them to the family for Christmas or get them for my stocking. I buy most of the stuff for the stockings so ensure I get lots of special little treats.

  • start Droid quilt

This quilt hasn't been started... soon

  • Put Amy Gibson blocks together

Amy Gibson quilt hasn't been looked at. I think I have one block not made... the curved pieced one. Contemplating whether to make it or not but really think I should so as to have done the full thing.

Work on POD Quilt

I have actually made a bit of progress. Not only have I sewn all the bookshelf rows together, putting in the bookshelves between them as I went as well as the top and bottom of the bookshelf but I have removed all the paper (well lot of the paper... some bits still there.... ) I have also completed the Fez, the flying keys, the Cornish Pixie, Dobby and 2 of the photo frame blocks.

   Philipa Hayward Core's photo. Philipa Hayward Core's photo.

Today I got on Spoonflower and took advantage of their half price sale on Fat Quarters. I've ordered some labels for bottles of Potions, (chose 2 lots of that) the folded Marauders map and Ravenclaw panel. Not exactly sure how I am going to use them. I think the map will go under the bookshelf and perhaps a bottle of potion.

  • Make 100 hexagons 
And I have made 65 hexies all done in meetings. So will get to that 100 without trouble... have a full day of meetings on Saturday which (apart from when I am giving my talk) will be ample time to stitch hexies... will have to make sure I have heaps of them prepped and ready to go. I need to make around 400 more to have enough for the quilt. (including the half ones to finish off the ends)
 So that is pretty good progress when you consider we are only one week in. Go me.


  1. So great that you are making good progress! I love the Harry Potter blocks. The purple is such a bold background choice! go for the curves. You can do it.

  2. I am contemplating the Bonnie Hunter mystery as well but not sure I have the time. I've started the Droid Quiltalong but haven't got far.

  3. I am contemplating the Bonnie Hunter mystery as well but not sure I have the time. I've started the Droid Quiltalong but haven't got far.