Wednesday, November 4, 2015

WIP Wednesday - what have I been up to this week

Still working away on my hexies. I've got over 1100 now... not sure exactly despite having counted them recently. I hand stitched 20 or more in church on Sunday. It really does help me concentrate. I hope I don't distract those around me too much doing it. I try to be discreet. 

Anyway... I stitched away happily and got a heap done... finished the last one I had with me during the last little bit of the service. Good timing! I got about 20 done today at our Patchwork Group monthly meeting. Just like on Sunday... I finished up the last one just as the meeting ended. My timing is impeccable. 

I've now made 1 165 hexies - 371 full ones to go plus some half ones. (I forget how many)

The Hexies I finished this week 48 in all

Earlier in the week I had cut out another heap of squares to work with. When I first started this project I had cut out hexie shapes from my squares but I soon realised that I could fold a square neatly around my papers just as well as folding a hexie shape and it save one step in the process (and a heap of mess from all those little trimmed off bits). I have now finished all the squares I cut so am going to have to make some more. 371 of them.

Talking about mess... I removed the papers from my last 3 rows of the POD quilt... lots of mess there. I haven't done a perfect job removing the papers (does anyone ever do that?) but have decided it doesn't worry me. I am not going to be that fussy and I don't think it is going to matter too much. I suspect it will end up being a wall quilt rather than a bed quilt and won't get laundered too often.

I got out my remaining blocks for the POD that I want to piece a had another good look at them. I can't find photos on the website for a couple of the other ones that I am making (Dobby, 

    flying key 

I printed out the Dobby one.. all 27 pages of it. Some of the pieces are so big they have to be pieced together. It was like a jigsaw puzzle. I got it put together and then I looked at some of the other POD quilts on the Facebook group and I realise that I really wanted to make a different Dobby. So I printed it out as well. 

Sigh. I bought the background fabric for the walls etc whilst I was in Mackay. Hope I got enough and that it will look ok. I like the fabric.. its purple what's not to like.  I just can't seem to get my enthusiasm to make the blocks.  Maybe if I just put the rows together for a start that will inspire me and get my mojo for this project back. 

Today at Patchwork I worked on the the blocks that I had put together at my Sister-in-Laws. The panel that I had bought had 6 different pictures, with up to 6 of each of them.  I had finished them off in a variety of ways. Today I worked at putting the groups of 6 blocks into wall hangings/mini quilts. I got 4 sets of 6 put together.

 I still have to do the outer border on them.  I am planning on putting a red border on the top 2 and the same fabric that I have used as the sashing for the bottom 2. 

I have a set of 5 of them to put together and then another 3. I am thinking that I will put the 5 in a long strip with no sashing and then the 3 left over ones I'll do separately as individual hangers. 

 I was pleased with the progress that I made and it won't take me long to finish them off.

So what have you sewn this week?

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