Friday, November 6, 2015

Friday Fitness Report - some progress

This week I have been trying to be careful about what I have eaten. I haven't deprived myself - just tried to make good choices most of the time. It has been challenging week with lots of social occasions. We had a 60th birthday party on Friday night, breakfast out on Saturday, engagement party Saturday afternoon, Quiz night Saturday night and the church lunch on Sunday. And that was just the weekend. We got taken out for afternoon tea on Monday and Tuesday it was a luncheon!!

I enjoyed our outings and the food BUT I tried to be restrained - to only have one helping (even if it was something I really liked). I had desert at the outings too BUT only took a small amount. Tuesday I had 3 glasses of wine. (yeah that's not real restrained )

My hat wasn't very restrained either. It was loaned to me by my hostess. The lunch was with the ladies from Handmade Love and together we watched the Melbourne Cup

The weekend was pretty much a washout as far as getting any exercise - exactly when was I going to get the time. Have walked every day this week though and some days got 2 walks in a couple of times. Its rained or threatened rain a couple of times when we would normally walk which has also put a bit of a halt on walks. 

This morning my weight was 97.3kgs which is a drop of .5kgs for the week which is very pleasing despite all the social outings.

I didn't manage to make my fitbit target every day this week... some days were abysmal in fact but my steps for the week

Saturday           3 342             
Sunday             2 032
Monday            8 174
Tuesday          12 788
Wednesday     12 513  
Thursday          8 646
Friday             10 818

and at the moment I am 17th on my friends list with 58 313 steps for the week

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  1. Love the hat! Well, at least you have a social life! I know, food is everywhere. I've been doing okay with the food, not so well with the wine, and dismal w the steps due to this head cold. Next week should be better.