Monday, April 4, 2016

C is for Craft Sanity and Crafty Planner

Craft Sanity is the first craft related podcast I listened to. It might even be the first podcast I listened to. 

When I started there was a huge back catalogue of podcasts and I binge listened to them till I was up to date and had to hang out for her to post her next one. Right about then she started to slow down with her posting and then went into a  hiatus of several years where she didn't post at all. Fortunately through her show I had found out some other podcasts and I had them to listen to and have been able to keep my podcast addiction well fed ever since.

The podcaster is Jennifer Ackerman Haywood and her website is  

Jennifer. (Photo from her website)
She describes how her podcast came to be

CraftSanity History
This podcast was conceived in late 2005 when I was on my second maternity leave from my newspaper gig. My husband had become a big fan of tech podcasts and suggested that I do one about crafts. I told him he was nuts, then I started planning my first show.
And though I cringe at how awkward I was during the earliest CraftSanity episodes, the experience of fumbling my way through with the support of my husband to create this show from scratch has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. It’s been a wonderful joy to get to chat with all the creative people who have shared their stories with me and to get amazingly sweet feedback from the folks at home makes it all seem like some kind of crazy, happy dream. Producing this show has been a labor of love and really has enriched my life in ways I never imagined. I really feel blessed to get to have this experience. Thank you, dear listeners, for making it possible
Jennifer interviews a range of crafters in her show. Many of them have written books, some are local to her area (Michigan) but she speaks via computer to others all over the world. Knitters, crotcheters, quilters, shoe makers, weavers, printers, recyclers.... a huge range of people who have interesting stories to tell

CraftSanity podcast is available to download from Itunes and also her website.

Crafty Planner Podcast. Sandi Hazelwood is the Crafty Planner. As she describes herself - she is a city planner who likes to craft.
Blank Podcast Graphic

Sandi also has an interview style podcast where she speaks to a different guest each week. Most of her guests tend to be sewists - often patchwork and quilters, quilt pattern designers but also fabric designers, bag and clothing pattern designers. Her podcast has a modern bent, which isn't to be surprising given that podcasts tend to appeal to younger people and they tend to be more into the modern movement. Having said that - I love podcasts and my aesthetic is definitely a mixture... a modern traditionalist.

Sandi's podcasts are available on Itunes, Stitcher and from her website.

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  1. Thank you! I love to create and craft~ This looks motivating and amazing~
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