Saturday, April 23, 2016

T is for Thank God it's Friday


TGIF - Thank God It's Friday - is an award-worthy weekly radio comedy show with 702 ABC Sydney Drive host Richard Glover.
It is broadcast live every Friday from 5pm to 6pm with music and comedy performed in front of an audience at the ABC 

Yup a podcast that is AUSTRALIAN and which has nothing to do with quilting.
I don't live in Sydney so am very pleased that the show is recorded and made available as a podcast later that same evening. It is one of only 2 shows that I don't have set to delete after I have played it. I relisten to the show many times during the week as I drift off to sleep
Its a panel show with 3 guests hosted by Richard Glover. The guests are usually raconteurs who talk laugh lie and sometimes sing as they discuss the highlights of the news over the past week. Their repartee and interplay is lively and amusing.
The podcast is available for download from the ABC Drive page or from iTunes.
TGIF is similar to a  BBC radio show that I listen to The News Quiz. As a result of listening to that show I am far more aware of Brittish news and politics than I otherwise would be. The News Quiz is part of Friday Night Comedy and is available to download from their webpage for 2 weeks after it is broadcast or through iTunes.

So for Australians who want to an amusing slant on this week's news (particularly NSW happenings) or for people from else where who want a glimpse of what Australia and Australians are like listen to TGIF. You won't be sorry.

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  1. Sounds like a good show to listen to; I'm always just so glad to it is Friday when they roll around (and they seem to be rolling around sooner and sooner these days :)