Friday, April 29, 2016

Y is for Y seams

Y seams, are a particular "thing" that happen in certain quilt patterns where 3 seams come together on angles like a Y intersection. They are a bit trickier to put blocks with Y seams in them together and so many quilters will avoid them (me included). They are seen as being for more advanced patchworkers although to be honest they aren't THAT hard, just not as straight forward

Jinny Beyer, from Jinny explains it

Not all patchwork patterns can be assembled with continuous straight seams. Sometimes a piece has to be set in. The most important consideration when setting in pieces is that you must stop all stitching at the place where the seam allowances on the pieces cross, thus allowing an opening so the fabrics can be set in smoothly and without puckers.

She has an excellent video on the website too here I would insert it into the blog but I need permission to do that... and not sure I will get it in time or at all.

I have done very few items with Y seams in them.... I think I made some blocks in my first quilt that had the Y seams in it. And then I made a zipper bag with the tumbling blocks in it. 

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