Sunday, April 17, 2016

Stash Update

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I wanted to get on with my bike quilt. I've decided to call it On Your Bike. (It features bike fabrics) I hadn't cut enough strips for it, having totally miscalculated in my preparation. I was so sure I had cut the required 64 of both sized strips to complete all the blocks... 2.5" wide cut 10" and 11.5"  but when I started sewing I found I had only cut 32 of both. 

Grrrr. I had some width of fabric 2.5" strips with me (we are currently travelling) that I was going to use for the first border but even if I cut them up I wasn't going have enough to complete the quilt. The irritating thing is that I had more of the fabric back home. I can't remember exactly where I put it away so sending the house sitter to find it and post it on became problematic. It might have been in a really obvious place or anywhere in my fabric storage.

And then I would have to wait for the fabric to catch up with us and I was in the groove to sew this NOW.

I went with going to another Spotlight (The shop where I had bought the fabric just last week) and seeing if I could match it... no luck but I did find another fabric which was VERY similar so I got that. Its now been cut into the required size and the blocks made.  I have 64 finished blocks which means that I will end up with a quilt that is 8 blocks by 8 blocks. The blocks are 11" x 11.5" finished so the quilt will be 88" x 92" plus borders approximately 95"x 99" finished. 

With great difficulty (may my back forgive me) I laid them out on the bed we are currently sleeping on. It wasn't ideal... not being big enough.

 But I laid out 6 rows, then packed away 3 of them (carefully labelling the rows) and then moved the rest over and laid out the final 2. I think it looks ok... but it was hard to tell. 

Anyway.... they are all ready to be sewn into strips. I would love to stay home and sew them all today but my Fixit Guy has other plans. (we are car shopping for Boyo. I find it boring... I know nothing about cars and trust FG implicitly to choose the right one... just wish he would go out and do it on his own... shhhhh he doesn't read my blog so don't tell him)

I'm working on the T or Intersection quilt as designed by the Missouri Star Quilt company in this video  

Thinking that I had bought just enough of the fabric (or a few cms extra) I merrily cut it all up and then found I had 3 2.5" strips left over.  I thought I needed 48" (which was approx 1.25m allowing a little extra for crooked cutting by me... it always pays) but really I only needed 40" which is slightly over 1 m. Never mind - I might use them in the border or else will incorporate them on the back.

This means I have bought yet more fabric without a finish in sight. I got 1.25m (or 48") I'm still in positive territory (for the moment) but haven't got much wiggle room. I suspect I will well and truly fall into the red by the time we get home. Hopefully by then I will have 3 or 4 quilts ready to go "under the needle" (once they get basted) I have one pinned and ready to go at home but ran out of time to finish before we left.

I expect to visit quilt shops along the way as we travel for the next 6 weeks or so and it would be rude not to buy something now wouldn't it. I have a few small projects with me so maybe I will get a few finishes whilst we are away.

Stats from Weeks 15

                 Fabric used            0.00m
                 Fabric added          1.29m
Year to Date                 
                 Fabric used         33.37m                 

                 Fabric added       28.78m
Net Used                                4.60m  

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