Friday, April 8, 2016

G is for Google

I love Google. I know that there are other search engines but I readily admit that Google is my go to (except when a browser hijacks me to Bing but I prefer the big G)

It is great for quilters. I use it so much - searching for patterns, designers, quilting notions and supplies. I jfgi (just flippin google it).

I lost a pattern I had purchased in the UK whilst visiting Fangirl who lived there for 2 years. She had taken me to this quilting shop especially - the only such one we found open on our travels. The pattern was my only quilty souvenir of our trip. I loved it, bought it home, bought some of the fabric I needed for it and then promptly lost it.

Fangirl was able to remember the name of the shop we had visited  Puddleducks.  I googled them and found their web presence

 Our Products

 and there was the pattern. Unfortunately they were no longer stocking it but since I had found the name I was able to... you guessed it... google it and found it elsewhere and ordered it. Yay for Google. 

And yes.... before the pattern arrived in Australia I had found the copy I'd lost. 

When I decided to do this challenge again, very late in the piece, I googled A to Z blog challenge to find the sign up page. (I had deleted all the emails as I wasn't doing it again this year)

What have you used Google for?


  1. For countless things, although for crafts or decorating inspiration, I often go to Pinterest first. What did we do before Google? We had to remember things better, take notes, and go to the library! Maui Jungalow

  2. Had to teach a piecing workshop on Thursday. I knew the patterns I wanted to teach, but do you think I could remember the pattern's names? Thank goodness Google lets you search by an image. I was able to find the names of the patterns I was looking for based off photos from previous quilts I'd made.