Friday, November 11, 2016

Fitness Friday

We've been home for just over a week now. I forgot to do a report last week so its 2 weeks worth today.

Whilst we were on the cattle station I managed to get my 10 000 steps most days, despite my Fitbit not always syncing (found I had turned the blue tooth off. I thought it was to do with not having internet access. ) On those days I worked off another ap on my phone (Pacer)

Keeping my weight under control wasn't as easily managed. I ended up nibbling my way through the chocolate we bought - but it was over a few weeks. And there were the meals - pretty high calorie. Anyway... my weight climbed to 99.5kgs. Just glad I kept walking as much as I did as that limited the damage I was doing.

Home again we were able to pretty well get back to more sensible eating. The exercise tailed off for a few days... took us a little to get back into the walking routine at home. I cranked up the treadmill a few times this week to make sure I got over the 10 000 mark.

We have had a few treats but that is life (Pizza a couple of nights when I didn't feel like cooking, a chocolate bar another day) but treats are ok... you can't be restrained all the time.

Its really heating up here in Queensland. Summer is no longer around the corner but right here in our face. Today it was 39c (108f) So grateful for our air conditioners today. We have to wait till the evening cools off before we walk but we got our walk in none the less.

On one walk we saw a mob of kangaroos amongst the houses on the edge of town. We have seen them down by the river frequently but to see them in the house yards was unusual. This photo is as close as I could get.

Fixit Guy is going away this weekend for Presbytery meetings. I wasnt' going to go with him as I had a function on but that has been cancelled but I have decided to stay home anyway. Having been away for 5 weeks I am ready to just stay home. With the Craft Fair just a week away I am going to have to get busy making the sugar coated peanuts and bottles of biscuits plus finishing off sewing projects.

Friday          13 584
Saturday       8 812
Sunday        11 865
Monday        10 153
Tuesday        10 432
Wednesday    4 879 (the day we drove home so were in the car for over 7 hours)
Thursday       2 980 (very slack day after we got home - might have had a flat battery in the Fitbit too)
Friday            8 594
Saturday        9 692
Sunday          8 023
Monday        10 327
Tuesday        10 095
Wednesday   10 352
Thursday      12 018

and my weight this morning was 97kgs - so going in the right direction once more

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