Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sunday Stash Report

This week I only had a couple of finishes... well 3 sets of potholders to be precise which is 6 pot holders all together. They were 8" square pot holders so not very big and so not a lot of out put... still every little bit counts.

They were all for Handmade With Love although 2 sets were pre ordered so that was good... they were sold before I started them. I had a request to make some using dalek fabric - from Doctor Who. My friend, knowing I sewed pot holders asked me if I could make some for her friend who was devastated having lost theirs. I thought afterwards - hope she wasn't expecting pot holders shaped like a Dalek - I don't have a pattern for that (nor was I feeling suitably creative) but she was more than happy when I sent a photo of what I had done. She was telling a friend at her work about them and they ordered a pair too. 

I had to get the fabric (or get my daughter aka Fangirl) to get the fabric for me from the shop close to her that stocks all the licensed fabric they can find. That arrived this week (via my youngest son Boyo who is now home for the university holidays) and I was able to get them made immediately. That fabric constitutes my only fabric in this week. (.5m)

I also made some pot holders using Minecraft fabric to go on the craft stall.

The craft fair was this past Friday evening and all day Saturday. We sold a reasonable amount of stuff - more than we sell at other stalls but not as much as we sold last year. I only worked Friday night as I was a bit unwell and other people covered for me on Saturday. We have a couple of other opportunities to have stalls over the next few weeks so hopefully we will move more things then.

My stats for week 47 are

Fabric used                0.84m        
Fabric added              0.51  
Net                             0.33m

Year to Date
Fabric used               150.54m
Fabric added               78.62
Net                              71.92m

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