Wednesday, November 2, 2016

WIP Wednesday

This week I have continued to work on little things because we are still not home so I can’t make any progress on the bigger projects I have underway.
I did a full report on all my completed projects on Sunday. I have slowed down a lot since then. Its only been a couple of days but we are leaving for home tomorrow so I’ve lost a bit of motivation. 

I’m also running out of some supplies. I ran out of batting before we arrived here at my brother in law’s but my sister in law gave me some fabric I could use as wadding in the pot holders. I’ve just about used it up too. And the vlisofix I bought with me is all gone too.

I have now used up all my iron on stiffening so that means no more easy cosmetic bags. I have some zippers left but the colours I have are now limited.
I have some bicycle fabric in yellow and orange with a co-ordinating house fabric. I cut out 5 pot holders, 2 hanging towels, and 2 easy cosmetic bags from the yellow bike and house fabrics. I used up most of the stiffening I had on the bags. In the end I only made one of the bags as I didn’t have a zip in black or white which I felt I needed for it. 

If I had cut out the orange fabric there was a great orange zip that would have gone well with it but it wasn’t to be.  I used white binding on the pot holders. I was a bit disappointed with how they turned out. I think black would have been better but I didn’t have any black and I was keen to get them done. They are finished and will be fine but it put me off doing too much more as compromising can mean less than great results.

I made 3 more ear bud pouches using up some Alice in Wonderland fabric. I had fun matching up the two sides on the zip but even so… it wasn’t as great a result as I was aiming for. I used up the very last of the iron on stiffening… patching little bits together to cover the area.

My friend Lyndi shared a link to a website craftingarainbow that showed how to make fabric stars. Last night I had a go at them and managed to make 3 of them and think I will make a few more.

Sunday I was home alone as everyone else was off for the day doing station work or in town. When I was getting the washing in for my in laws I noticed that some of the jeans and shirts were a bit torn so I decided to mend them. I hunted through the pile of washing to be put away and found some more that needed mending as well. I know a lot of patchworkers get almost offended if asked to mend things for other people and loathe mending their own things. However I don’t mind doing it. I get quite a bit of satisfaction returning torn and damaged clothing to a useful state. 

Sunday I mended 5 pairs of jeans (including one my SIL was planning on throwing out.) and several shirts. Today (Tuesday) I asked my Sister in Law if there was any more she wanted done and she found another 6 shirts so that was my sewing for the day.

We will be driving home tomorrow (Wednesday) so there won’t be anymore sewing done this week. I will pre post this before I leave so it will go up anyway. I might be able to do the link up whilst we are travelling or perhaps not till I get back home.

My other WIP - our trip is almost at an end. We have been at my brother in laws place for 10 days now. Fixit Guy has been busy helping his brothers including spending the last 3 days mustering but we need to start heading home tomorrow as we have commitments on Thursday. Mind you he still isn't home so not sure when we will get away!!

Some photos from our time here on the property

WIPs on Wednesday

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  1. The Nature photos are stunning, the textures are amazing.