Wednesday, November 30, 2016

End of Month Goal review and new ones for December

November is almost over (we have 2.5 more hours of it) so timely to review the goals I set for myself in November and set my new ones for December

My November Goals were

1 Complete 4 Christmas stockings (HWL commission) Got these all done and sent off to the person who ordered them at the beginning of the month. Also made another 2 for my family.

2.Complete zipper pouches, headphone covers, coin purses, potholders, hand towels using licensed fabrics Got a heap of little things made before the craft fair

3 Doctor Who Potholders (HWL commission)
Done - collected another commission as a result of posting photos of these.

4 Complete "Getting Along" quilt top Quilt top together. 

5 Complete "Handmade Heritage" I've started on the border but not got far. I did however make a second, smaller one which is completed

6 Work on String X quilt "Stringin' 'Em Along" The blocks are all done. 

7 stitch velcro onto hand towels and bandanna bibs Done in time for the craft fair.

8 Sew HWL labels onto the items completed whilst on holidays Done

9 Start work on Suzu's quilt Post poned till next year.
Of the 9 goals I was able to compete 7 of them, made progress on an 8th and didn't get to the final one. NOT a bad effort.

AND now for December.

1. Work on En Provence Mystery quilt. My aim is to keep up to date each week as the clues are released. So this is going to be my main aim for the month.

If I get time......

2. Put Stringin 'Em Along together

3. Complete Potholder Commissions 

4. Complete secret commission for a friend.

5. Make backing for Alison Gibson BOM quilt - quilt

6 Quilt Hexagon quilt.

7 Work on Handwork Heritage quilt.

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