Friday, December 2, 2016

Fitness Friday

I am not feeling very fit today to be honest. I feel a bit icky on the tummy. I'm still on the very tail end of a cold that has been running for almost 3 weeks. I just have the post nasal drip left from that and that tends to make me feel off. Fixit Guy contracted the cold after me (caring is sharing after all) and then he has come down with a stomach bug so now I am not sure if my "not quite right" feeling is the post nasal drip or a different wog.

And Central and Southern Queensland are expecting a heatwave. The temps have been gradually climbing all week and its predicted to hit 41 today (that's Celsius - 110 F) and climb to 42 tomorrow and 41 Sunday and stay up at 40 till Wednesday at least. 

Fixit Guy and I have started walking in the morning. Our bedroom is on the Eastern side of the house so we get the morning sun and its light by 5 now and so we tend to wake up earlier. This isn't good when you are going to bed after 11 but does mean we can go for a walk before it gets very hot. The dog still thinks he should get his afternoon walk as well so we have been going at 6pm when it has cooled off somewhat. It does mean that getting my steps hasn't been too much of an issue this week!

On the negative side its Christmas time and there are lots of yummy foods about and so - yeah - healthy eating is way more challenging.

Despite the temptations (and the numerous yieldings to it) I have managed to nudge the scales down just a little bit. I was 97kgs this morning but that was after breakfast so I was happy with that.

I didn't post a FF blogpost last week so this is for 2 week.My steps this week have been good although the previous week I had 2 days when I didn't make target. One day I was furiously busy - it was the craft show. I was on my feet all day but lots of it standing in the one spot so not many steps.

For the last few weeks I have been going in a challenge amongst my Fitbit friends - Workweek Hustle. One of the women in the group always does amazing numbers - usually over 100 000 in her weekly steps and so she creams us. I have been 2nd to her most challenges but this week someone else has been out there in 2nd place.

Anyway My steps for the last 2 weeks

Friday 3 907
Saturday 10 607
Sunday10 132
Monday 10 026
Tuesday 10 096
Wednesday7 835
Thursday 12 249 
Friday 14 229
Saturday 10 383
Sunday 10 182
Monday 11 284
Tuesday  12 239
Wednesday 10 524
Thursday 13 986

How have you gone this week with your own fitness challenges and goals? Hope its been great for you.

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