Sunday, December 4, 2016

Sunday Stash Report - A good week

I have had an unexpectedly productive week this week. I managed to have 2 big finishes plus a number of small things. 

Christmas Stockings My middle son (Kombi Boy) and his partner (Gamer Girl) aren't going to be with us for Christmas this year so I have made them Christmas stockings to have at their place. KB's features Starwars and GG's has pokemon on it. I love them. .75m

Handmade Heritage Too. I got this finished at Patchwork this week and today it was on display at church (and I forgot to take a picture. Doh) 4.76m

Darlek Potholders. My friend Ali ordered another 2 sets and since I had enough fabric I made up the extra one. No more Darlek fabric left (but Fangirl is posting me some from Brisbane for a special project) .74m 
they aren't all finished in this picture but they are now.

Purse size tissue covers. I made up 18 of these to use as gifts at a couple of Christmas parties I am attending. Since they are sewing related I made them using fabric featuring sewing things. .7m

Nativity Panel. I was given a number of panels over a year ago to make up to use at the aged care home I attend each week. I wanted to get the nativity one done for this Christmas. I had planned to use wadding in it and to do some feature quilting to make the figures pop out but... done is better than perfect and since I was running short of time I used a flanel to back it and didn't do much quilting. It meant I got it finished in an afternoon though which is good. I will take it up to the aged care home during the week. Need to find a rod to hang it with first. 3.87m

To make things even better there was no fabric in this week! So glad to have had some good output. I know I have a few inputs coming before the end of the year so need to make some good finishes before then. If I make my goal of getting two more quilts finished this month that will be good! I can dream about it anyway.

My good use this week has meant that my net fabric usage is greater than the fabric added. I've been in the positive all year but its good to have accomplished that milestone too!

My stats for week 49 are

Fabric used               10.81 m        
Fabric added               0.00  
Net                             10.81m

Year to Date
Fabric used               164.39m
Fabric added               81.19
Net                              83.20m

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  1. Congrats on so many finishes this week. I love the Christmas stockings and your Christmas wall hanging. Good numbers to end the year with also.