Monday, December 12, 2016

Clue 3 En Provence - some progress

I am not having a lot of luck these last few days. Today the longarm I was using at our club rooms (yes our Patchwork Group has its own longarm) played up and I couldn't finish off the quilt I was working on (it stopped picking up the bobbin thread after a series of thread breakages)

Over the weekend it was my Janome that wasn't sewing nicely really interfering with the progress I was trying to make on clue 3 of En Provence, the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt

Having changed the needle, cleaned out the bobbin case, muttered, mumbled, whined and grizzled, I finally changed the thread I was using... and all was well. Sigh. Wished I had tried that a day earlier. 

Anyway - despite all my hard work I didn't get the 168 4 patches finished. I have made all the 2 patches I needed (336!) 

and am now working on making the 4 patches.

 I have made 71 of them - so 97 to go!

How have you gone with your Clue 3

Late breaking news. I got them all finished Monday night (Australian time) Still have to do the pinwheels on the back but the 4 Patches are DONE. Actually more than done.... some how I managed to make 183. Not sure where I lost count but whatever!

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