Sunday, December 18, 2016

Sunday Stash Report

I had great plans that today I would be finishing building up to a great finish for the year as I was going to be using the long arm at the club rooms this week and planned to get at least 2 quilts quilted and bound this week. However the longarm was not working properly and I didn't get even one finished. It is nearly done and I should be able to finish it off at home but I just haven't gotten to it. My husband was away from Monday morning to Thursday evening and my plan was to sew my heart out. However - I caught up with friends, helped one do some sorting and tidying and one way and another the week disappeared. Ho hum.

I didn't get my Stash report written last week so today is for 2 weeks

I have made 3 satchel or messenger bags over the last 2 weeks. One was as a Christmas gift for the secret Santa we had for my Handmade With Love Christmas Party. The lady who received it was thrilled by it and hoping that her grand daughter didn't spot it and claim it for herself. The other 2 were Christmas gifts for special friends. One got hers today. I used Rugrats fabric on hers as she loved that cartoon as a child. (.65m each 1.95m total) 

My other finish for the fortnight was some more rainbow bunting for our Handmade With Love stall decorations. We now have 4 strands of the bunting that I have made and another person made some as well so we have PLENTY. (.92m)

I forgot there were the 10 mini stockings that I completed as an order for HWL. They were pretty simple and used .14m in total

My stats for week 50 and 51

Fabric used        3.02
Fabric added      0.00
Net usage          3.02

Year to Date     
Fabric used     167.41
Fabric Added     81.19
Net Usage         86.22

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