Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Clue 5 En Provence Mystery

Bonnie's clue 5 came out just a couple of days before Christmas and I've been very busy and other wise engaged and it wasn't till today (Tuesday in Australia) that I have had a chance to get to sew. I did spend a little time on Christmas Day pinwheeling my purple 4 patches from clue 3. The rest of the family were playing a board game and wanted me to stay near them even if I wasn't going to play. So... I enjoyed their company whilst unpicking the little stitches to enable the centre seams to pinwheel. Later whilst watching tv during the evening I pressed them.

In making the half triangles this week I used a variety of techniques, depending on the size of the scraps I was using. Some I made using the 4 at a time method, some 2 at a time and a couple I cut the triangles and so made them one at a time. Once again my accuracy has wobbled about and my sizes have varied a little bit. Still... they are looking pretty good.

How have you gone with Clue 5? Are you keeping up with the clues as they come out?

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  1. Done the sewing but saving the pressing etc til after guests gone.Yours are looking good!