Wednesday, December 14, 2016

WIP Wednesday - bits and pieces done

This week has been busy. I had hoped to get 2 quilts quilted this week on our Patchwork club's longarm but unfortunately 7/8ths on the way through the first quilt the machine stopped picking up the bobbin thread and so that was the end of my quilting. Discussions are ongoing with the supplier re getting it working again. It was ok for me as I didn't have any schedule for my two but there were others booked behind me who are wanting to get quilts finished for Christmas so it is really bad timing..
My Quilt on the long arm. You can see I was up to the last pass when it broke

Only 6" to go in most places. Grrrr

On Friday evening Handmade With Love, the sewing group I belong to, had a stall at the Uniting Church's "Walk Through Bethlehem". A lady bought our last 3 mini stockings and wanted another 10 so I got them made over the weekend. The pattern seemed to get a bit wonky and so they aren't quite as good as the originals but pretty good.

I managed to get "Stringen' 'em Along", my Strippy X quilt, one of Bonnie Hunter's free patterns on her blog, together. I am still deciding about a border. I think I will use the background fabric as another 2 inch border and then do a scrappy binding.
This is the top still to be sewn together. The photo of the quilt is on the ipad and I haven't gotten it off yet.

Speaking of Bonnie Hunter. Clue 3 was released on Friday - 9PM here so I didn't start it till Saturday. This week it was 168 purple 4 Patches. I finished them off by Monday although I have to "pinwheel" the centre seams. I miscounted and ended up making 183 of them some how. I detailed my progress in my blog post on Monday here.

My other activity for the week has been work on a couple of satchels that I am making as Christmas gifts. . I am not sure that they read my blog... but here they are anyway

With only a bit over a week till Christmas I hope that you have gotten your Christmas sewing done by now and aren't doing late, last minute mad sewing.

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