Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Part 2 - Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt En Provence

There is a disadvantage to being in Australia when doing a mystery quilt that is being run out of the USA. Currently I am doing the Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt for 2016 En Provence.

The clue is released on Friday in the USA, I'm guessing in North Carolina (since that is where Bonnie lives). 8 AM on Friday there is 11 PM Friday here here where I live in Central Queensland. Bonnie has deliberately not specified when the clue will come out but when I went to bed on Friday it wasn't released (and I had been checking all evening :) ) but there it was when I woke up the next morning. I had been so excited waiting for it. Now I will know not to look for it till Saturday morning.

I wanted to get started on it straight away but first we had to walk the dog and then we had to clean the church since we were on the roster to do that this week. So it was more like midmorning when I finally got the time to start on it. 

I don't have the speciality rulers that Bonnie is using - or any similar ones. At least I don't think I do! I tried using the templates that Bonnie provided but they were coming out too small. In the end I used a combination of a triangle ruler I had and the template (to get the angles right) and cut my own. However they didn't turn out as well as they might have... a little undersized. I also have to go back and trim a lot of tag ends cause I didn't snip them off as I went.

I used some pink fabric I had in my stash but I didn't have quite a metre (yard) of it. I didn't measure it but used it anyway. I had enough to make these units and have some left over and a few scraps in my basket and bins. It will depend on how much we need in subsequent steps. I may have to go buy something to match it - I certainly don't have anything similar in my stash.
A pile of the side triangles ready to be sewn on.

I got them all made on Saturday so that was good going. Now of course I am hanging out for the next step. Crazy woman that I am.

I was rather disgusted when I saw how stained my ironing board cover was in the photo. I trimmed it right back to hide as much as possible hence the weirdly shaped  photo.

I had a few whoopisies where I sewed the wrong side of the pink triangles to the neutral one. 

I wrote a post about my Part One last week but when I wrote it on Monday the linky on Bonnie's page wasn't up and when I went back on Wednesday it was already closed. Another disadvantage of being in a different time zone.

I didn't spin my centres of my 4 patches. I didn't read about that till later. I might go back and work on it now but not sure if I sewed mine the right way in the first place. Ho hum. Guess we shall see.

How are you going with your mystery quilt? If you haven't joined in yet its not too late to jump on board.


  1. I agree, lovely colour. And don't worry, you don't need any more, Bonnie said in her link up post it is not needed for any more of the clues. I'm also ready for mystery posts in the evening, but they are coming out past midnight!

  2. Your units look very nice, even without the Tri-Recs. I think mine came from Punch With Judy (online, but she is in NSW). I bought them for a previous Bonnie mystery.

  3. Great progress Pip. I haven't started yet. I need to clear my sewing space before Christmas, not start something scrappy which will add to the chaos. And the idea of doing these units without the proper tools is putting me off too.

  4. Looking good! I like the dark pink fabric it will definitely brighten the finished quilt. I have not started mine yet as we have the 2 year old granddaughter for a week really limiting my sewing time.

  5. Great work. I believe Bonnie said that this was the only time we would use the constant (her magenta), so you shouldn't need any more.