Monday, December 19, 2016

Midmonth Update on my Monthly goals

1. Work on Handwork Heritage. I have started on the borders for this. There are lots of 5" bits being sewn together! Not sure if I will have enough or will need to cut some more.

2. Make Backing for Amy Gibson's BOM quilt. This is DONE. 

I have also started to quilt it. Nearly got it finished on the longarm at the club when it started to play up and I was unable to complete it. I will do the remaining 9" on my domestic machine.

3. Complete Darlek Potholders commissioned by friend. DONE

4. Secret Commission for a friend. DONE since its a Christmas present that has yet to be given I can't show you yet... sorry

5. En Provence Mystery Quilt. I am up to date with all the clues released so far. The first one was released Nov 25th and  new one is released each Friday in December (although its about 11pm Australian time so I get it Saturday morning). I have almost completed each one... still have to spin the centre seams of last weeks 4 patches and trim this week's blocks 

6 Quilting my hexagon quilt (hoping to line my friend Lyndi up one day next week to help get that done) - the Longarm at the club broke down so that put a stop to it. Its working again now but with only 6 days till Christmas it might not be a priority for any of us.

7 Assemble "Stingin Em Along."  DONE

So the only one I haven't made progress on is the hexagon quilt and I unlikely to - unless Lyndi and I need to escape the madness of our houses over Christmas New Year.

How are you going with your goals this month?

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