Wednesday, November 9, 2016

WIP Wednesday

Its been great to be able to get back to work on my Handmade Heritage project. My sister Joy sent me a parcel of doilies and other embroideries to add to the project. I have put together one quilt top centre (ie no borders as yet) with the pink strips. I wrote about about it in a blog a few days ago here

Having decided not to include the blocks onto which I had stitched purple sides in the first quilt I am now working on a second quilt which I will call Handwork Heritage Too. I have completed 56 blocks with purple strips and have sewn them into 7 rows of 8 but have yet to put them together.

As is my way, after I got the strips together I realised that I had 2 identical ones next to each other so did a bit of unpicking and rearranging. That resulted in 2 strips of the same colour being next to each other but I decided to just leave it. Ho hum

Today I put Getting Along at Patchwork on the design wall in the club rooms. With Lyndi's help I worked out what I had to do with the borders I had made to get them to fit properly - it didn't take much. I got as far as adding the dark cream inner board (1.5" finished) but packed it in and came home when I ran out of cream thread in my bobbin with about 20" to go. I finished it up this evening. 

Still have to add the crazy outer boarder and then probably another plain border in orange. I will bind it in orange as well.

I bought back a stack of items that are for our Handmade With Love stall at the Christmas Craft Fair coming up in 10 days. I didn't have any Velcro with me whilst I was away and I had also left the "Handmade With Love" labels at home. Tuesday at Handmade with Love 2 of the newer members of our group helped to get the labels stitched on whilst I sewed the velcro onto the hanging towels and bandanna bibs. Some others ironed labels onto some of the other items we couldn't sew onto. It was great to get them all done.

I finished off the Christmas stockings I was making under commission

 as well as the potholders, another commission which had needed their labels stitched on. I made another 2 sets of potholders to complete this order. 

I posted them off today.

I've been browsing through Pinterest to find some more ideas for things to make for our craft stall. I'm keen to try some scrunchies and tissue packet covers. I'm having fun looking anyway! I am also thinking about making a few more baby bibs.

I am under orders though to make some of my savoury sugar coated peanuts before I do any more sewing for the stall. I bought the peanuts and sugars today. I am going to have to look for the recipe I used last year. If I find it I will save it to Pinterest so I can find it again.

Hope you have had fun this week and working on lots of stuff.

WIPs on Wednesday

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