Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sunday Stash Report

I've been working away at a few things this week. Made progress on 2 quilts but not finished so they don't count.

I got busy making some more little things for the craft fair stall next weekend.

A friend on Facebook (waving to Sandi from Quilt Cabana Corner) made some tissue packet covers for a Christmas Fair she is attending so I decided I might make a few myself. I found a pattern on Di's Snippets and Scraps blog here and made 13 of them and then found that all the packets of tissues I can find open on the end and the covers I made are for centre opening ones. Rats. 

I had another search on Pinterest and found a tutorial on The Inspired Wren for both the horizontal and vertical opening packets. They were very similar designs and it worked out well. 

So I whipped up 12 of them... 2 more than I have packets of tissue for! Dilemma! The packets come in lots of 8 or 10 so I would have leftovers so could make up more of the covers BUT I am not sure how well they will sell and we already have 25.

 I am done with them for the moment. (and I now have a cold coming on.. think I am going to need a packet for myself) 1.16m

I also made 2 more sets of pot holders to send down to a friend who ordered them having seen my photos on Facebook of the things I've been making for Handmade With Love stall. I have another friend asking to see photos of what I have to sell as she is interested in ordering some stuff from me as well. 0.59m

The last thing that I have finished off this week have been some scrunchies to sell at the stall as well. I found them on this blog here. I made 13 small ones and 15 large ones. I may make some more before the stall if I get time inclination and more elastic!! (I've used up all that I had.) They look very bright and cheerful and I've used a variety of fabrics, including some of the licensed ones -Pokemon, Space Invaders and Minecraft. 0.85m

I did buy a fat quarter this week but it is for the club Christmas party. We have to put in 2 fat quarters, a black and white one and one that reads like a solid either tone on tone or solid. It can be any colour. I won't count it unless I win one of the lucky door prizes. I wil be able to find that second fat quarter in my stash so will be able to count it going out but not till the party which is still 2 weeks away.

I am hoping that by the end of the year my net used (currently 71.92m) will be greater than the fabric I have added this year (currently 78.62m) I will need another larger finish in order to knock that over easily. The little finishes I have had this last couple of months are all nibbling away at my stash but a bigger finish will be good soon! Comparing to last year I have already used more fabric this year than last but I have also acquired more fabric. My current net position is also ahead of my final position last year. Its been fun looking back and comparing.

My stats for week 46 are

Fabric used                2.60m        
Fabric added              0.00  
Net                             2.60m

Year to Date
Fabric used               150.54m
Fabric added               78.62
Net                              71.92m

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  1. Love those tissue holders! Very cute.

  2. For the tissues that open on the end, I took an exacto knife and sliced a line in the middle to match the opening.

    1. that would work... but didn't want to open the tissues before they are sold. If they don't sell on the weekend it could be a while till the next stall and I don't want the tissues getting dusty... but I can tell the buyers to do that. Thanks for stopping by

  3. Good luck in the fair! My favorite: The Star Wars tissue packet holder. Can't ever go wrong with Star Wars!

    1. I agree - Starwars should be a hit with the boys. Have pokemon, space invaders, My little pony and a few others too... hopefully they will attract people

  4. What cute projects! I hope you are able to reach your goals. I mainly keep up with my stash to see if I have used more than I purchased and to compare to the previous years. Have a great week!

  5. Very fun projects. I really like those hair scrunchies. Those should do well in the show.