Sunday, November 6, 2016

Sunday Stash Report

Home again after 5 weeks during which I accomplished great things with the sewing. I got through all of my wadding, iron on stiffening, Vlisofix,(I can't spell that - can barely pronouce it) and all the projects I had pre prepped and heaps of others I did on the way. It was great. 

I did a bit of sewing before we had to pack up and come home. I completed all the projects I cut out of the yellow bike and house fabric apart from one cosmetics bag as I didn't have a suitable zip for it. that is - 5 potholders, a zipper cosmetics bag, and 2 hanging towels. 1.54m

I made 3 little zipper ear bud pouches (which used up the last of my iron on stiffening)  0.22m

I also mended a pile of workshirts and jeans for my Sister in Law but since I used fabric she gave me for the patches I can't count that.

Then it was time to pack up and come home. Once home I was able to pick up the embroidered names that Lyndi made for me and thus finish off the 4 Christmas Stockings that had been ordered from Handmade With Love. 1.97m

Speaking again of the lovely Lyndi - she sent through a link to some fabric stars she had found the pattern to. They are called Scandinavian Fabric Stars
They required no machine sewing so I was able to play around with them after I had packed up my machine. 

I am thinking I might put in some judicious hand stitching to make them a little more secure. 0.31m

We had a birthday to go to on Saturday. I bought the 2 little people books and then made them book bags to put them in (and to use for school when that comes time) The lovely Lyndi is going to do some name tags for them as well and I will put them on retrospectively. I didn't have any vlisofix left to do the applique ahead of time. 0.48m

My stats for week 45 are

Fabric used                4.50m        
Fabric added              0.00  
Net                             4.50m

Year to Date
Fabric used               147.93m
Fabric added               78.62
Net                              69.31m

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  1. My goodness I'm exhausted by all your accomplishments. When I got to the folded stars I had to take a deep breath! There will be a lot of enjoyment when you give these gifts.

  2. Looks like a very good week on the stash busting front. Those stockings are so cute! Enjoy your time at home.