Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Mid Month Goal review

Oh my goodness... we are half way through the month already... which means its 40 days till Christmas. I don't want to think about that right now though.

I've been very busy sewing all month so far but don't feel I have made much impression on my goals.

Suzu's Quilt.
I have decided what I am going to make for her but haven't started work on it yet. I think it might wait till after Christmas now so I can get my head clear.

"Doctor Who" Potholder
I have organised for the fabric to be bought. I will receive it on Wednesday so can get to work to sew these after that

"Stingin Em Along" Quilt
Nothing done on this yet. I need to choose the fabric for the background.

"Handmade Heritage"
I have put the top is together but I have to work on the borders. I've also started work on "Handmade Heritage Too"

"Getting Along"
The blocks are sewn into strips so that is a bit of progress on it.

Label completed HWL projects
This was all done last week by some of the other people who come to our group. It was great to get so much help with it.

Velcro on bibs and towels
Again some of the others at our group assisted with this project. It was great to get the help.

Complete the Christmas Stockings
These were done and posted off to my sister last week. It was good to get them done in a timely manner

Complete more items for the stall.
I have been working away at items for the stall. I didn't make any more zipper pouches but did make a stack of hair scrunchies, tissue packet covers, baby bibs, a few more pot holders and lots of bottles of sugar coated peanuts.

Looking back on the list I haven't done too badly. I haven't had any large completions and perhaps I was being overly optimistic about that given the preparations I have been making for the stall. I have progressed a couple of the bigger projects and now that the stall sewing is done I may be able to get a bit further with them now. I might alter the goals from "finish" to "work on". That makes them more achievable.

How are you going with your monthly goals?

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