Monday, November 28, 2016

Joining in the fun - Bonnie Hunter Mystery En Provence

I wasn't going to do this mystery. I've looked at some of her other mysteries in other years - entranced by the excitement generated on the web by other bloggers and podcasters who have been part of it. However I found her blog posts a little off putting - so wordy - I got lost. Actually it was the initial fabric selection posts that would put me off. All that talk of paint chips and inspiration - I would end up totally confused and so would back off.

This year my friend Lyndi was keen to go again. She had been part of last year's mystery quilt... Allietarie (or something like that) and was keen to go again. Then Pam and Lynne from The Stitch TV show talked about it... Pam has done the mystery quilts several years running now (and is always up to date and on time and ready for each new clue each week). Pam gave some clues as to how to approach it and how not to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of units you had to make. Then Daisy, from Lazy Daisy Quilts and reads talked about it (wrote about it?) on the Twilter Facebook group and ... well I was in. Daisy says she works out of her scrap box first and then pulls from her stash (well I think that is the gist of what she said) and I thought... yeah I can do that.

So starting yesterday I worked on the first clue (it was released on Friday 25th) This week we were to sew 221 4 patches from 2" neutral squares - 884 squares!

I cut my scraps along the lines that Bonnie Hunter suggests - cutting scraps into usable scrap units. In my case I cut units from 1.5" - 5" going up in 1/2" increments, then 6.5" and 10". I cut squares and strips (except 10" - only do squares of those)

So for this week's clue I went through my 2" scrap drawer - the squares and the strips and sewed up all of those into 2 patches. Then I went through my 4" scraps and found all my neutrals (mainly creams and whites and tone on tones of those colours and other pale patterns) and cut them down to 2" strips and squares. Then I went through the 4.5", 6" (at one stage I cut to that size too but no longer)

When they were all sewn into 2 patches I found I was still 75 2 patches (150 squares) short. 

Today I was going to go to my stash then and cut into yardage when I realised I had an overflowing scrap basket that I had yet to cut down into my usable units. I went through that and found heaps of neutral scraps that I was able to cut down. I sewed the remaining 75 2 patches and this afternoon (Monday) I completed the last of the 221 4 patches.

Ta Dah!

I don't know how I will go with the other colours that have been selected by Bonnie for the quilt. Whether I will continue on with the colour suggestions Bonnie has made or if I will change it up a little. I don't want to buy any fabric. That is my main consideration. I will work out of what I have. I am planning on continuing on with the method that Daisy has suggested. I will first use fabric from my scrap drawers and then cut from my stash if I need to. I don't plan to buy the speciality rules that she recommends. I have a couple of other HST rules that I will use if I can. I am hoping that her instructions will include how to do it with out the special rulers.

Now I need to go to bed. My dog is up past his bedtime so better go shut him in the laundry and go to sleep myself.

Are you joining in the Bonnie Hunter Mystery this year? How are you going with your efforts.

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