Monday, April 14, 2014

Finish Along 2nd Quarter

So what do I want to accomplish in this next quarter of the year. I guess I could go back to the plans I had for April. I can't put my Sombrero Stars into the Finish along...I finished it today (bad timing!!)

So I do want to Finish

Not So Sombre Stars - currently fabric cut, centre 9 patches made
Disappearing Into the Blue - my disappearing pinwheel quilt being made in blues. The centre is together. I still have to make the borders for it... planning a pinwheel border (pinwheels made) and then a piano key border (not made) Then work out what to do re backing. Only working on this one on Wednesday at our weekly sewing days with my club
Black and White Quilt - currently fabrics started to be collected -
Gail Penberry Tea Shop Quilt - design the quilt since I'm not making it as a tea cosy.

I am trying to link in with Katy at the Littles Thistle to be part of the 2014 Finish Along

Finish Along 2014

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