Friday, April 11, 2014

Fitness Friday - a new milestone

This week I set myself a new personal milestone. I ran (or joggled as I more accurately describe it) for 8 kms on Wednesday. It took me almost 72 minutes which means my average speed was a tad under 9 minutes a kilometre. My fasted km was about 7mins 30 secs and my slowest was about 9 mins 30 secs. I am certainly not scorching up the miles but I am getting there.

Funny thing is I did not set out to run that far. In fact as I crept out of the house (avoiding my dogs. They love to come with me on my walks down by the river but I hate trying to run with them) I thought I would run my usual walking track... ie down by the river to the weir, turn around and come back. 
The weir

However once I reached the weir I decided to cut across the dry gully  to another road which would lead to the tarred road I usually do my distance running on. Once I got to the road... I turned right, to head further out of town, rather than right to head home. I kept on running till I got to 4km on "Endomondo" the ap I use for measuring my pace and distance. Then I turned around and ran (or joggled) home. 8 kms... done. Whoo hoo... go me.
The gully I crossed. Its popular with trail bike riders

I have had another little personal achievement. I clocked up 250kms on my fitbit. I've had it since the end of February so was happy with that as well. This week (including my weekend away at the retreat) I persisted in walking around the room or jogging on the spot, to make sure I hit my daily target of 10 000 steps.

My friends at the retreat were highly amused by my antics. One of them suggested I might be a tad obsessive and I would agree with her. I have even managed on a couple of occasions this week to be top of my list of friends in steps walked over the previous week. I have one friend Terje who averages 17km a day so she is usually in the lead... but she doesn't log in every day so I sometimes sneak ahead of her for a bit till she logs in again and then BAM I am back well behind her. (just checked. Yep Terje has logged in and I am 30 000 steps behind her!) I have another friend Sharyn who also is usually ahead of me but she too seems to not be logging in consistently and perhaps she has had something going on that she isn't walking as much. I have been ahead of her a good bit this last week too but I am pretty sure its just an aberration!

Weight wise things have been a bit steady or slight increase. I've had some peanut M'n'Ms in the cupboard and the last few days... they have been calling my name very loudly and before that it was the cookie dough truffles Fangirl had made for the Afternoon Tea. I have managed to polish them off this week too. Its not surprising my weight hasn't gone down when you think about it. (it did dip under 88kgs when I ran on Weds but dehydration had big part in that loss)

Annie dog is still doing pretty well. She comes for many walks in the stroller although sometimes she doesn't want to be bothered. Her appetite has picked up which is pleasing. I think she is starting to slow down again but is still going well enough. Our youngest son, her owner, gets  home on Good Friday which is a week away. The way she is now she will still be good when he gets here which we are happy about. Very glad that we made the decision to go ahead and have her lungs drained as she has been so much better. Don't know how long she'll last but so far so good

Annie and I on the swing that Fixit Guy made me for last Christmas

Jack and Annie with me on the swing. Jack always muscles in on any attention Annie gets

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