Thursday, April 24, 2014

Throwback Thursday

 In January 2012 I did a massive clean up of my crafting area. I went through all my cupboards and fabric, sorted things out, found all my projects, sorted them out. I even wrote a list of them. I resolved that 2012 was going to be my year of the UFO. I was determined to bust through as many of them as I could. I also resolved to not buy any fabric unless it was specifically to finish one of these projects. I did allow myself a bit of wiggle room. If it was for a specific purpose I could start a new project so long as I finished it ASAP. No more UFOs.

I found my list that I compiled It was dated 5th February 2012. I have decided to go through my list and see how well I did on my UFO busting attempt.

Finished Tops
Black and White Straight Circles
Boyo's T'shirt Quilt
Hands That Flung Stars into Space
Hands That Flung Stars into Space scrap blocks
Blue and Pink Nine Patches
Purple Strings

Blocks Completed
Teddy Applique quilt
Pip's T'shirt quilt
Fangirl's T'shirt quilt
Kombi Boy's T'shirt quilt
Massage Man's T'shirt quilt
Bluebird quilt
Christmas Stars
Quilts on the Double Quilt 1
Quilts on the Double QUilt 2
Heart Blocks
Year Quilt signature blocks
Squares and Half Triangles
Orphan blocks

Projects Cut and ready to go
Yellow and Blue picket fence
Christmas Tree Log Cabin
Advent Calendar
Green and White Blocks
Christmas Carol Squares

So - how did I go with all these projects?

Black and White Straight Circles Completed 12/2/12 currently hanging at an exhibition (its 2nd) and used in church a couple of occassions

Boyo's T'shirt Quilt Completed 16/6/12 given to Boyo and now on his bed in Brisbane
Hands That Flung Stars into Space completed 17/6/12 currently hanging at an exhibition (its 2nd too) and also used a few times in church

Hands That Flung Stars into Space scrap blocks completed 15/6/12 given to my girlfriend Maree for her 50th birthday
Blue and Pink Nine Patches not completed
Purple Strings not completed
Teddy Applique quilt completed 28/3/12 and given to my great niece Sofia at her birth

Pip's T'shirt quilt completed 20/6/12 currently on bed in spare room

Fangirl's T'shirt quilt - incomplete - I need more shirts from her but she won't give any of hers up. She threw a good few out before she realised that I would make her a quilt from them.
Kombi Boy's T'shirt quilt completed 15/6/12 and with him in Brisbane
Massage Man's T'shirt quilt- incomplete. Need more shirts for his as well
Bluebird quilt -completed and on our bed. I had it professionally quilted and really pleased with it

Christmas Stars - completed 11/13

Quilts on the Double Quilt 1 completed 2/7/13

Quilts on the Double Quilt 2 completed 20/7/13

Heart Blocks nothing done
Year Quilt signature blocks nothing done
Squares and Half Triangles nothing done
Orphan blocks nothing done
Yellow and Blue picket fence completed 26/6/12
This is it without the outer border and binding.... oops. Don't seem to have a completed one but it is done. Currently on the bed I am sleeping on this weekend

I did find another photo of it with 2 of its 3 borders... still not a completed photo. I will get one

Christmas Tree Log Cabin completed 3/1/13

With Dr Who figures Fangirl stitched and gave to her Dad for Christmas. 

Advent Calendar completed 29/12/12

Green and White Blocks nothing done
Christmas Carol Squares completed 11/13

Out of 24 projects that I listed I have completed 15 which is pretty good. Of the 9 that I have not completed 2 have stalled because I need more shirts to finish them off. Can't really do anything about them.

I haven't used the Pink and Blue 9 Patches or the purple string quilts which are really backs because they haven't really been the right shape or colour for projects that I could have put them with. Plus I tend to forget about them. I really should finish them up and use them as charity quilts if I can't find a use for them myself. They would be good backs for baby quilts.

The signature squares and the heart blocks need to be worked into backings for quilts for myself as they are personal things - made for me by friends. The heart blocks were given to me by friends from a retreat after my dad died so they are special. Again, I just tend to forget about them when making quilts for myself. Need to work on that.

The squares and half square triangles were from a project that I started but have mislaid the pattern to. I will have to find another suitable pattern for them.

The green and white blocks are good for a baby quilt. I have embroideries from my mum that I need to put into baby quilts so might work on them shortly.

How did my resolution to not start anything new go? In 2012 I only broke it 3 times. I made 2 little cake quilts. I am not sure why I started them. I was only going to make one but made too many cake blocks so made 2. I used stash only. One of those I still have and one I gave to my cousin.  The other time was to make a baby quilt for a great nephew. None of my UFOs appealed as being baby quilts and I found a lovely panel and co-ordinating fabric at a great sale. There were 12 panels, which in the end was enough for 3 baby quilts which were completed over the next year or so and given to another great nephew and a friends baby girl.

So overall I was pretty pleased with my efforts in 2012

In 2013 I relaxed my "No New Projects" ban although I did stick to my "No more UFOs" determination and everything I started I completed. I also tried hard to stick to my fabric diet - at least only buying fabric for specific projects, no stash building. That has been a good resolution to stick with.

Its time I went through my cupboards again and had a good tidy up. This time I want to list the fabric that I have bought for specific projects, or which I have bought to go together but for which I don't currently have a specific project. I need to list them up and get myself organised so I know where I am heading. I have a number of embroideries from my mum and some of my stitcheries that I want to make into quilts or wall hangings. It will be good to get organised.

Quiltin Jenny


  1. I'm so impressed with your will power and how much you got done!

    Thanks so much for linking up.

  2. That's an impressive list and so many beautiful quilts!!

  3. thankyou. I was quite impressed with myself when I did my review too.

  4. You are amazing Phillipa. You have some incredible quilts and many made in such a short time. They are beautiful and inspiring. :-)